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First-Year Writing Program

The University of Tampa’s First-Year Writing Program (FYWP) helps students:
  • discover their identities as writers
  • understand themselves as part of a community of writers
  • develop their academic writing skills
  • become confident, successful writers in college and beyond
FYWP courses:
  • employ writing as a mode of learning, rather than as merely a means of assessment
  • promote and enhance high-level intellectual and rhetorical skills in reading, thinking, and writing
  • help students to read, analyze, and appreciate multiple genres, including but not limited to academic and literary texts. Other genres represented may include journalism, Web media, visual texts, advertising, historical documents, speeches and letters
  • prepare students to write in multiple genres and for a variety of audiences
  • encourage self-expression through clear, confident, purposeful and meaningful prose
  • foster the orientation towards inquiry that produces academic writing
  • cultivate a sense of shared endeavor and collaboration among a community of writers
  • foster an awareness of and appreciation for nuances of language usage and the careful, eloquent crafting of written language

For more information, contact Joe Letter, assistant professor of writing, at or (813) 257-1712. His office is located in Plant Hall, Rm. 450A.

Placement Process

All students are placed into one of three courses: FYW 100, FYW 110/111 or FYW 101. Placement is determined by SAT or ACT scores, but is also supplemented by a diagnostic-placement essay, which is given during orientation week. International students without SAT or ACT scores are initially placed into FYW 100 or FYW 110, but may move into FYW 101 if they take the diagnostic-placement essay, and it clearly demonstrates that the student is prepared to take FYW 101. If a student's schedule is changed, he or she will be notified by the academic advising office.