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Application for Admission into the Teacher Education Program

Department of Education Cooperative Learning Agreement

Education majors at The University of Tampa are required to engage in numerous group activities, projects and presentations. Many of these are prepared outside of class time. The rationale for this requirement is two-fold:

  • Contemporary teachers are required to facilitate non-competitive group investigation and cooperative learning experiences in their classrooms. They must understand the process of cooperation and possess related skills. Such an understanding and skills are developed during one's own involvement in cooperative experiences.
  • Teachers are compelled to collaborate and cooperate non-competitively with other teachers in their school, to team-teach and to carry out various school missions, projects and presentations.

Therefore, as a teacher preparation institution, the UT Department of Education faculty expect teacher candidates to create and implement group activities, projects and presentations. Applicants are asked to verify an awareness of the need for this component of professional development and confirm a full commitment to meet program requirements in terms of availability, preparation, punctuality, determination, reliability and the spirit of cooperation.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in dismissal from the Department of Education.

  1. Be a current student or accepted transfer student with a grade-point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) (verified with the Academic Advising Office); and
  2. Have already passed all portions of the FTCE General Knowledge Exam upon submission of this application. (This is a state mandate from the Florida Department of Education.)

Application Form, Criminal Record Check and Perspective on Education

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To be accepted into the teacher education program, applicants must:

General Knowledge Exam: Check the box next to each section that you've passed.


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Note* You must submit a valid copy of your SAT/ACT score to or bring to the Department of Education office in PH 449. 

*Total hours completed or in progress in the major:

*Candidate Remediation:

The candidate who fails to meet any state mandated candidate performance assessment benchmark and fails to evidence acceptable mastery of any identified element of the Uniform Core Curriculum (UCC) and the associated indicators an acceptable or target level or who receives an unacceptable dispositional rating in the EDA is referred to the department chair and then the Admission, Review and Dismissal /Candidate Performance (ARD/CP) Committee for remediation/intervention. The subcommittee will recommend specific candidate interventions intended to help the candidate achieve the expected targets and benchmarks. Remediation activities may include, but are not limited to, reduced course load, audit of same course and guided study. Remediation always requires enrollment in a zero to three (0-3) credit hour course: Professional Development Clinical. The candidate requiring remediation will receive an Incomplete (I) grade in the course where weakness is demonstrated and will receive a letter grade once the critical candidate performance assessment task is satisfactorily completed in the clinical course. If the critical task is not satisfactorily completed the candidate will earn a Failing (F) grade in the course and must repeat the course. Documentation of passing scores on all portions of the FTCE is required to graduate.

*Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA): (Required) 

Applicants are asked to acknowledge this statement indicating they understand and accept the content and purpose of the EDA. The applicant acknowledges that dispositions identified in this document apply to the university setting, courses, early practicum experiences and the final internship. Two (2) education faculty who have taught the applicant will complete and submit the EDA Form. Download this EDA Form and attach it to an email and send to the two professors that you wish to complete the form.

Criminal Record Check: All applicants please read very carefully.

ATTENTION: Under provisions in Florida Statutes 943.0585 and 943.059, the ENTIRE arrest record is revealed to school districts by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI when fingerprints are supplied, including "seal records" and "expunged records." Therefore, you are REQUIRED to reveal such information on this application.

Be aware that falsification of records includes omission of information and constitutes grounds for dismissal. Conviction of a crime will not necessarily be a bar to employment. Factors such as age at the time of offense, type of offense, remoteness of the offense in time and rehabilitation will be taken into account in determining effect on suitability for employment.

* Required

*1. Have you ever been arrested or charged for a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation? (DUI is NOT considered a minor traffic violation.)

*2. Is there any criminal charge now pending against you other than a minor traffic violation? (DUI is NOT considered a minor traffic violation.)

*3. Are you currently on probation or currently under any imposed requirements for charges other than a minor traffic violation? (DUI is NOT considered a minor traffic violation.)

If YES to any of the above, give details below AND refer to the bottom of this document for further requirements.
Please include: Date of charge(s), location of charge(s), nature of charge(s), disposition of charge(s), if the record is sealed or expunged.


For each criminal charge listed in this document, provide a narrative account of the circumstances leading to the charge. Include in this statement, 1. The level of the charge (felony or misdemeanor); 2. The resolution of the charge; and 3. The conditions imposed upon you as a result of the charge.

Depending on the nature and outcome of the charges described below, you also may be requested to secure and provide a copy of the arresting agency's report, verification of the court's ruling and documentation of successful completion of imposed conditions.

Perspective on Education (Required)

Respond to ONE of the following prompts. Be as thoughtful and as thorough as you can. You may or may not actually begin your discussion with the phrases indicated. Be sure to include the letter of the item you are responding to. Please type your discussion. Must be less than 3300 characters long.



Following the submission of this form, you must also submit two educational disposition assessments and one letter of recommendation that will need to be sent to Submit this form to see full details or visit additional requirements.