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The Diversity Fellowship seeks to revolutionize the way the University confronts diversity on campus. Serving as a student ran branch of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, the Diversity Fellowship is committed to promoting, appreciating and recognizing diversity on campus.

Since its start in 2004, the fellowship has worked to gauge the campus climate, develop and implement strategies, be an anti-bias resource, and prepare students to become global citizens and ambassadors for a more inclusive University environment. 

The Diversity Fellowship has hosted or helped promote campus events such as the Annual Gospel Luncheon, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Diversity Week, leadership seminars on diversity, and has supported performances such as the Vagina Monologues. The fellowship also hosted the University’s first state-wide diversity conference, which featured presenters from colleges around the state.

National Coming Out Day
UT Diversity Fellowship members participate in National Coming Out Day.

The organization plans to continue with an abundance of new and engaging programs for the campus, including forums and activities with a focus on topics such as religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, socio-economic status, race, and more.

UT students can help support a more diverse environment by participating in sponsored events or by joining the Diversity Fellowship.

For more information, please contact:

Student Coordinators of Diversity and Inclusion Jacob Jefferson and Cristina Muyshondt

Director of Community Engagement Ian McGinnity

Diversity Discussions: All students and organizations are invited to express any concerns, updates or opinions about diversity-related issues to Diversity Fellowship every Friday from 4-4:15 p.m. in VC 217. 

Application Process: To be considered for membership, all students (undergraduate and graduate) must go through an application process. This period can take place in the fall or spring semester, depending on the decision of the current members of Diversity Fellowship. Each applicant must fill out an application, located in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, and complete an interview. All applicants must:

  • Have full-time enrollment status
  • Have a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA
  • Attach a copy of their co-curricular transcript
  • Be available for weekly meetings on Fridays from 4-5 p.m.


Mission Statement


It shall be the duty of The University of Tampa Diversity Fellowship to foster a spirit of inclusion through the dissemination of information, the active involvement of Fellows on campus, and the appreciation of diverse backgrounds on campus and in the community.  Diversity Fellows will serve as a liaison between the student body and The University of Tampa faculty and staff.