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Qualtrics allows UT faculty and staff to create complex surveys needed for research. The tool builds, distributes and analyzes surveys inside a secure portal.

Login to Qualtrics

Access the UT Qualtrics portal by using the login link below.


Getting Started

How do UT faculty and staff create an account?

Qualtrics is available to all full time faculty through OKTA. All staff will have access in Spring 2018.

Additional Features


The Qualtrics Offline Surveys App is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows the researcher to administer surveys without an internet connection and may be used for collection of sensitive information as long as prescribed security procedures are followed.

General Information

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool available to all UT faculty and staff that can be used for any UT-related research and projects. Use of the system is limited to UT research and projects only and should not be used for non-UT purposes.

With Qualtrics, faculty and staff can build and distribute complex surveys using more than 100 question types, embedded data, branching, display logic, quotas, email triggers, mobile and offline compatibility, randomization and various other advanced features. In addition, surveys can be shared with peers and analyzed quickly.

Before conducting research or surveys in BAC courses, all faculty, staff or students wishing to use Qualtrics (or any other survey tool) must first submit a Request for Research Participation form to the Baccalaureate Experience Office and receive approval.


Where can faculty get help?

Option 1: Select Help from the menu bar in the top-right corner of every Qualtrics screen.

Option 2: Consult Qualtrics Support and Documentation online.

Option3: Telephone Qualtrics for assistance at (800) 340-9194 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern, or email You will need to provide Qualtrics support with your username.

Option 4: Contact a trainer for help.

Option 5: Contact Educational Technology for assistance.

Training and Help

Access useful documents and videos.

Begin with some basic training. Start with Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps training to become a Qualtrics star.

The following tools are also available:

Understanding the IRB (PDF) tutorial
UT's Institutional Review Board Page
UT IRB Guidelines (PDF)
Qualtrics Support - Qualtrics online help
10 Tips for Building and Effective Survey Qualtrics blog
7 Tips for Writing Great Questions Qualtrics (PDF)
On-Demand Webinars
Request for Research Participation (BAC courses)

Or, visit the Qualtrics Resources page to access more videos, tutorials, blogs and support.