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Megan Hertz

Meet Megan Hertz

Hometown: Mohegan Lake, NY

High School: Lakeland High School

Alma Mater: Stony Brook University

Degree: B.S in Business Management, M.A. in Higher Education Administration

Collegiate Activities: Marching Band, Weekend Life Council, intern with the Admissions Office

Favorite Thing about UT: UT has that campus feel while also being in the middle of a large city with a lot of things to do

Favorite Spot in Tampa: Anywhere I can go kayaking!

Best Place to Eat in Tampa: The Melting Pot

Tip for Incoming Freshmen: Bring clothing for all types of weather, you never know when it might be on the chilly side, or you want to go see a hockey game!

Megan works with out-of-state transfer students and undergraduate nursing program applicants.