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The Importance of Ethics

While many people feel that being ethical is just common sense, the complexity of our society requires a more educated approach to understanding ethics, especially in the workplace. The Center for Ethics provides resources and services to educate people about ethics. We focus on business ethics, those decisions about what is right and wrong in a business context.

Business ethics is important because without a commitment to trust, honesty, and integrity, the very foundation of business relationships cannot be laid. Organizations that are dedicated to high ethical standards reap many rewards, including greater employee commitment, stronger customer loyalty, enhanced reputation, and sustained long-term performance.

Community Outreach

The work of the Center for Ethics is supported by an advisory board of business and community leaders who are dedicated to promoting ethics in business, the professions, and other organizations. Members of the advisory board are valued for the time, resources, and commitment they commit to the mission of the Center for Ethics, College of Business, and the University.

The Center for Ethics conducts many programs throughout the year which combine education and business services to carry out its mission. All programs are designed for maximum value and relevance to business practitioners. These programs directly benefit the local community, especially organizations that want to bring business ethics to the forefront of business performance.

The Center for Ethics hosts an annual business ethics breakfast for community leaders in the Tampa Bay area. At this breakfast, the Tampa Bay Ethics Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates integrity, virtue, and character in their everyday personal and professional activities. The center sponsors workshops and presentations throughout the year on current business ethics topics.

The Center for Ethics strives for both educational excellence and practical application for its constituents.