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Certificate in Italian

The Certificate in Italian program helps prepare students for graduate or professional schools and for a variety of career opportunities. Courses are designed to help students build a strong language background and to expand their cultural awareness.

In addition to class work, students acquire language skills through individualized learning and research projects with professors, field experiences, campus programs, internships and study abroad opportunities. A Certificate in Italian may be obtained in conjunction with a bachelor's degree in any field by successful completion of 16 semester hours of credit in the language at the 100 level or higher. The certificate provides academic recognition for foreign language study not meeting requirements for a major or minor.

Students are encouraged to participate in international study and travel experiences.

Topics of Study

  • elementary language
  • intermediate language
  • topics in Italian

Career Opportunities

Students with a Certificate in Italian can proceed to graduate and professional schools with language skills that will help make them a sought-after commodity.

Possible career paths for students with a Certificate in Italian include:
  • translation/interpretation
  • government
  • diplomacy
  • journalism
  • international business
  • social work

On-Campus Associations

  • International Student Organization