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Faculty and Staff Guidelines for Computer Backup

Individual central server space called a Home Directory is available to faculty and staff as an additional means for backing up critical files, documents and data. Follow the guidelines below to reduce the risk of losing your valuable computer data.

The two primary methods for backing up computer data are:
  • external media
  • UT Home Directory

External Media

External media includes DVDs, CDs, EasyDisks, memory sticks, and external hard drives. These can be acquired through the standard departmental purchasing process. Examples of data to back up with external media include very large files (1 GB or greater), static data and/or historical information that will not change such as daily/weekly/monthly/annual reports, spreadsheets, letters, memos, flyers, completed manuscripts, completed PowerPoint presentations, meeting minutes, and pictures.

UT Home Directory

A 1 GB storage folder, known as a Home Directory, has been created for each full-time faculty and staff member. The Home Directory is for storing critical files and documents that change or are accessed on a frequent basis. It is not for archival of static data (see external media above). Nor is Home Directory space a substitute for, or duplicate of, the computer hard drive.

Faculty and staff should regularly delete files from the Home Directory that are obsolete and no longer needed. Home Directory size may be increased to up to 5 GB, as resources permit, by contacting the IT Help Desk at ext. 6293 or

In addition, the IT HelpDesk can assist with determining the optimal methods of backing up critical files and documents in excess of Home Directory space.

Home Directory FAQ

Is the UT Home Directory secure/confidential?

The security and confidentiality of personal and business information is a growing concern for many. Moving files from individual computers to the Home Directory greatly increases their security. The Home Directory is located on a secured central file server and is only accessible through individual username and password. The server is secured via key control, camera surveillance, and access alarms, as well as fire protection and backup generator power. Each Home Directory is backed up daily Monday through Friday, and stored off-site weekly and out-of-state monthly.

How can the Home Directory be accessed?
When logging onto the UT Campus Network, your computer will automatically connect to your individual Home Directory.