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Student Code of Conduct for On-Campus Recruitment

The Office of Career Services offers the opportunity for students to interview with employers for internship and full-time opportunities. Employers must agree to a statement of compliance committing to ethical and non-discriminatory behavior. Students who wish to participate in on-campus recruitment are required to adhere to ethical and professional behavior as is outlined in this code of conduct. Students and alumni should understand that the on-campus recruitment is a privilege and should be treated with the highest level of professional and ethical behavior.


As candidates, you represent both yourself and The University of Tampa in your interactions with employers. Ethical and professional behavior is expected at all times. You must represent yourself in an honest and truthful manner at all times, making certain that you do not intentionally falsify information in your resume, letters of application, academic transcript, or other documents.

Interview Procedures

  1. Students who are interested in interviewing must sign up for an interview through HIRE-UT.
  2. You are expected to sign in at the Office of Career Services 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview.
  3. Candidates should be in professional dress to interview. (Questions about your attire should be addressed to Career Services staff well in advance of your interview time.)
  4. Cell phones and pagers should be turned off during interviews.
  5. Even though an employer should have a copy of your resume, candidates are encouraged to bring a printed copy of your updated resume prior to the interview.
  6. You should send a thank you note or e-mail within 24 hours of your interview. Collect the recruiter’s business card at the end of your interview. Most recruiters’ contact information is also available on HIRE-UT.
Interview Cancellation and No-Shows

Once you sign up for an interview, it should be considered a priority to attend. Only an extreme emergency should prohibit your attendance for a scheduled interview. If a reason should arise that causes you to cancel your interview, you must notify the staff assistant in the Office of Career Services by telephone (813-253-6236) at least 24 business hours prior to your scheduled interview. Any candidate who fails to give at least 24 business hours notice, or who does not show up for an interview, will immediately lose their on-campus interviewing privileges and access to their HIRE-UT account. Consideration for reinstatement may be given only after the following actions:
  1. You must meet with the Director of Career Services to discuss the reason for missing your interview.
  2. You must write a letter of apology to the recruiter and bring it with an unsealed stamped envelope addressed to the recruiter. Following the meeting, the director will mail the letter.
  3. If a second incident occurs, the student’s privilege to do on-campus interviews will be revoked without appeal.