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Seniors for Scholarships Campaign Q&A

I already pay tuition. Why should I give UT more money? | Back to top.  
As a private university, UT doesn’t receive any funding from the government. Tuition only covers a portion of the actual cost of a UT education. The University relies on private support to help fill in the gaps where financial support is needed but can’t be provided by tuition and fees.

What is the Seniors for Scholarships Campaign and why should I give?
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The Class Campaign for UT is the united effort of students at UT, led by the class committee, in which students donate to the University. Donors who participate show their appreciation for what the University has given them, to support the area(s) that means the most to them, and because they understand that private support is essential in helping future students have access to a UT education.

Every UT student has benefited from donations while at UT. This is a chance for you to start giving back and make a difference for all of those that follow.
What do I get for giving to the Seniors for Scholarships Campaign for UT?
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Aside from knowing that you did something to make an impact, all donors to the University are recognized in the Winter issue of the UT Journal, the alumni magazine. In recognition for a gift of $20.19 or more, the graduating senior will earn a UT Philanthropy Cord to wear at commencement.

Why does UT need this money? | Back to top.  

The University of Tampa is a private institution that receives no financial assistance from the government. Although tuition may seem high, the actually cost of a UT education is more than what students pay each semester. Thanks to alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff of the University, dollars are donated to make it easier for students to get a great education.

It is because of donations that UT is able to offer some of the things from which students benefit most. Donations create the scholarships offered to 92 percent of UT’s student body. They also help keep class sizes small, help to attract top notch professors, offer a diverse array of student activities and programs, aid the University’s championship athletic teams and beautify the campus.

What will my gift really do? | Back to top.

All gifts make a difference. Even gifts that may seem small to will combine with similar gifts from thousands of other students, alumni, parents and friends of the University to create impact. Last year, the Annual Fund raised more than $1 million from nearly 5,000 donors.

Here are some examples of costs around campus:
  • $10 will pay for an hour of peer tutoring.
  • $25 will help pay the licensing fees for software used by hundreds on campus.
  • $50 will pay for intermural referees.
  • $75 will help pay for costumes for a student dance production.
  • $100 will help pay for supplies for an art studio class.

Why is participation important? | Back to top.

In addition to the power of numbers (see response to “What will my gift of $20.19 really do?”), participation in giving by alumni helps UT receive funding from other sources. Corporations and foundations look at UT’s alumni giving percentage as an indicator of confidence in and support of the institution. Seeing that alumni have enough confidence to support UT will help encourage outside sources to provide funding as well. Additionally, the alumni participation figure weighs into the U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of national universities. The higher UT is ranked, the more valuable a UT degree becomes.

Where can I give? | Back to top.

Students may choose to give to an area of the University that made an impact on their experience here at UT. For example, students may direct their donation to their respective colleges, a student organization, athletics, or scholarships. Students can also make their gift in honor of someone that has impacted their life – a parent, a professor, or even a fellow student. All gifts in honor of a particular person will receive a note indicating their donation.
Students who have no preference of a particular area they would like to support can give to the University’s Annual Fund. This fund is UT’s campaign, repeated on an annual basis, to raise support for current operations. This year the Class Campaign Committee has voted to combine all gifts to the Annual Fund to create a scholarship. The Committee is hoping to raise enough money to present to academically and/or financially deserving students.

What are the campaign goals? | Back to top.

The Seniors for Scholarships Campaign for UT would like to see at least 30 percent participation from the senior class in order to provide scholarships to future students who need additional support to attend the University.

How do I give? | Back to top.  
Decide where to give:
  • Support the Annual Fund and help meet its greatest needs.
  • Determine a different area at UT that you want to support.
Cash or checks can be sent to 401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Box H, Tampa, FL 33606
Or donations can be made online using Visa, MasterCard or Discover at
Gifts must be received by May 4, 2019, in order to count as participation in the Class Campaign for UT.