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 Dr. Michael Carastro
Associate Professor Michael Carastro and Kaia Hampton '12 examine chemically-treated cancer cells under the microscope.

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree prepares chemistry students for entering the job market or for continuing their education at the graduate level. Research projects, publishing opportunities, internships and classes provide students with both lecture and laboratory experience.

Biochemistry majors are assigned to a faculty member who serves as an adviser and whose specialty coincides with the student’s area of interest. Students are encouraged to learn by experience through research opportunities in areas such as design of enzyme inhibitors, protein chemistry, bio-organic reaction mechanisms, biosensor development and tumorigenesis.

Students interested in obtaining a graduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology or who wish to attend a professional school (dental, medical, or veterinary) may wish to consider the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree.

A complete listing of required courses for the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree and the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry four-year curriculum plan can be viewed on UT's online catalog.