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Customized Programs for You, Your Business or Your Leadership Teams

CFL Challenge Course
Facilitators certified to the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) head the Leader Challenge Course. Each group is challenged in a safe and supportive setting and works on attaining targets designed in concert with program goals. 

Another unique aspect of the center is our ability to tailor programs to the needs of individual companies. Customized programs help leaders and their organizations achieve specific business results that meet current and emergent needs.

The Center for Leadership is prepared to evaluate the strength and effectiveness of your current leadership and management systems, and then provide a level of assessment, training and support unlike any in today’s business world.

Customized curriculum can be built for working groups, management teams, boards of directors and other groups of stakeholders. Programs also bring together managers, executives and experts from across a variety of industries to help teams gain broader perspectives and acquire new skill sets that enhance leadership capabilities.

Our programs are constantly evolving – much of the theory and practice is well established as the highest quality in executive education; other concepts are new, on the edge of current thinking and extremely challenging, yet capable of producing significant results.