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Request Forms for Faculty/Staff/Student Organizations

Thank you for your interest in infusing Career Services into your work with students! Career Services offers numerous ways to assist faculty, staff and student organizations in getting students ready for the world of work. View the four options below, and complete the form of interest. 

Please note:
We must have at least two weeks notice to accommodate any request in order to ensure staffing.
Please complete a new form for each request, so we can track and assign it easily. 

1. Require attendance to a specific amount of Career Workshops/Events

Check out our schedule of events, and require your students to attend a certain amount during the semester. 

*We’ll provide a ‘Proof of Attendance’ stamp on any document you provide them with to get stamped, OR we can provide them with a stamped flyer, if they ask, so you know they attended.

Events Request Form 

2. Class/Organization Presentation Requests

Presentations can be tailored to either 30 or 50 minutes. It is a great, time efficient way to get a career lesson across to a group of students at the same time, especially if you’re having them complete a career assignment. 

Presentation Request Form 

3. Resume Critique Requests

Resume critiques last for 15 minutes. Students can utilize drop-in hours/resume day events to get them critiqued. Looking to have your students create or update their resumes for an assignment? Let us know by completing the form below so we can staff accordingly. We want to make sure all of your students can get seen by your preferred deadline. 

*We’ll provide a ‘Proof of Attendance’ stamp on the resume we critique, so you know they attended.

Note: It is recommended that students utilize the Career Services self-help resource in order to create/update their resumes before they come in to get a critique.

STUDENTS: Do not use this form to request a resume critique. This is intended for faculty, staff and student organizations to inform us of an influx in student appointments and drop-ins. If you are a student and would like your resume critiqued by career services, you can schedule an appointment on Handshake or stop by our office during drop-in hours (Monday–Friday from 2-4 p.m.)

Resume Critique Request Form 

4. Mock Interview Requests

Mock Interviews mimic actual interviews so when students practice, it increases their likelihood of feeling more confident and at ease going in for their actual interviews. It’s never too soon to start practicing and learning the techniques needed in order to give a successful interview.

In-Person Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews are 30 minutes each, and they cover basic questions along with behavioral based questions.

*We’ll provide them with a mock interview rubric after their session with a ‘Proof of Attendance’ stamp on it so you know they attended.

*Depending on the number of students, we will reach out to you shortly regarding if it’s best to have them schedule appointments, OR if we’ll set up either one day or a few days for students to sign up for specific timeslots. *Students cannot use drop-in hours to complete mock interviews, since they are 30 minutes long.

Note: It’s recommended students utilize the Career Services self-help resource before coming in to conduct their mock interviews in order to prepare.

Mock Interview Request Form