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Student Login Instructions
  1. To access Optimal Job Search Tools, go to
  2. If this is your first time logging into the software, click on Create An Account.
  3. Enter UT e-mail address (and password if you have already logged in). You will receive an automated email from Optimal Resume with a random code. Once that code is entered back into Optimal Resume, you will be granted an account. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the auto email.
  4. Complete your profile.
  5. Instructions are provided for each of the available job search tools.

Overview of Each Optimal Job Search Tool

Resume Builder

Whether you are creating a first resume or one with more advanced experience, the Resume Builder makes the process fast and easy and helps you to create a professional resume that is appropriate for your career or employment objective.

Letter Builder

The Letter Builder makes it easy to create high-quality professional job search letters in a matter of minutes. Similar to the Resume Builder, the Letter Builder offers paragraph-by-paragraph instructions and examples to help you create effective employment letters for a variety of purposes (i.e. cover letters, networking letters, follow-up letters, thank you letters, etc.).

Interview Prep

Interview Prep helps prepare you for even the toughest of interviews with real life, multi-media interview scenarios that were developed by seasoned employment professionals. Video tape a mock interview and get advice from an interview coach for those hard to answer questions. Send your taped mock interview to Career Services staff who will meet with you to critique it. To begin, all you need is access to a computer with a Webcam and microphone. Some Webcams may be checked out from Career Services for a 24-hour period.

Skills Assessment

Analyze your skills and experiences and present them in an attractive format on the professional website you create with the Web site Builder. There are two ways to evaluate your skills with Skills Assessment. One approach is to explore your experiences, which is recommended if you are not sure which skills you possess. The other approach is to describe your skills, which makes sense if you already know many of your skills. No matter which approach you take, the end result is to create an attractive page for your professional website that lists your marketable skills and provides information on each.

Website Builder

In today's employment marketplace, it's critical to have an attractive online presentation of your skills and abilities. The website builder can help. You can create a customized website that includes a variety of professional documents, as well as links to your social networking profiles, like LinkedIn and Twitter. You also have the option to index your site with major search engines. That improves your "Google footprint" so hiring managers are immediately impressed when they Google your name. The website builder is flexible and allows you to select the documents that you want to include on your website and the order in which they appear.

Online Career Portfolio

Online Portfolio makes it easy to upload professional documents into an attractive portfolio that can be viewed as part of the professional website you create with the website builder. An online portfolio provides evidence of your skills and accomplishments and helps the viewer get a better understanding of your professional qualifications.

If you have questions, please contact Mark Colvenbach,, (813) 253-6236.