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Employer Internship Information

What is an Internship? By definition, an internship is a short-term work experience in a professional environment where the emphasis is on learning. It is a chance for the intern to be immersed in the world of work under the guidance of a mentor (employer) and faculty member who will create a real world classroom for you. It is a learning experience where an employer/mentor assists the student in connecting (classroom) theory with (work place) practice and the student reflects on the learning gained from the experience: problem-solving, ethics, discipline, etc. as defined in specific learning objectives for the internship.

Why Hire an Intern: The Benefits

  • An Internship is the perfect opportunity for employers to gain a resource to assist with projects and assignments. Students come with research, problem-solving, writing and academic skills as well as a fresh perspective and an eagerness to learn.
  • Internships allow organizations to screen potential new employees in a cost-effective manner.  Employers responding to NACE’s 2007 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey reported that they offered full-time jobs to nearly two out of three of their interns.
  • Increase your organization’s visibility, brand awareness, and allure on campus.
  • Differentiate you from other employers and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Give you an opportunity to try out the student talent — to experience how the students perform on the job.
  • Provide terrific ambassadors on campus and valuable word-of mouth for your recruiting efforts, if the interns’ experience has been positive.
  • Give you economies of scale for your full-time recruiting since you are developing relationships and hosting activities on campus anyway.
  • Enable you to cultivate stronger relationships more quickly with the school’s faculty, staff and career services group, given your commitment and visibility to the school.