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Becoming a Mentor and UT Partner Employer

One of the best resources for any university is the alumni. We are looking for alumni who are willing to serve as mentors and/or notify us when your company is hiring for employment and internship opportunities.

Become a Mentor

The University of Tampa seeks alumni from all academic disciplines and industries to serve as mentors. Mentors will typically be available to consult with students on such topics as industry and company information, trends in the workplace, job function specific advice, networking tips, etc. Many times, mentors are able to offer an opportunity for job shadowing and informational interviews. If you would be interested in becoming a Volunteer Mentor, please complete a Volunteer Interest form.

Post Positions in Your Company

Alumni can help UT students and fellow alumni in their job search by providing the Office of Career Services with posting information for the positions. If possible, please complete the Job Posting form. Some alumni volunteer to forward resumes of UT students and alumni to their employers for consideration for various positions. To set this process in motion, you can designate your email as the one that will receive resumes. We also encourage alumni to make employers aware of the easy recruiting process at UT by creating a HIRE-UT account and posting positions at no cost.