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Faculty and Staff Memo

The University of Tampa Coalition for an Alcohol Responsible Environment (C.A.R.E.) which is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community members thought it would helpful to educate the university community of the alcohol policy for student organizations. Below are key points from the policy. If you have questions or would like a copy of the entire policy, please feel free to e-mail Stephanie Holz at Please note that this policy does not apply to departmental funds, only organizational funds.

The University is committed to providing an environment that includes policies and educational elements to encourage low-risk, healthy, and safe choices for the use or non-use of alcohol for those of legal age, and actively encourages low risk alcohol use for those who choose to consume alcohol. Further, the University believes in the importance of alcohol education programs for all members of the University community. It is upon this and the education-oriented philosophy of the University that the following alcohol policy is based.

  1. All students and student organizations at The University of Tampa must observe Section 562-111, Chapter 562, and City Ordinance 3-4 that prohibits:
    • any person under the age of 21 from possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages,
    • the selling, giving, or serving of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 by any person or organization,
    • any person from misrepresenting or misstating his/her age,
    • open containers of alcohol.
  2. All events must have a Third Party Vendor properly licensed by appropriate local and state authorities with a million dollar liability insurance policy. All sales of alcohol must be on an individual drink by drink basis and staffed only with employees of the Third Party Vendor.
  3. All events that have alcohol present must be in a location properly zoned for the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages. (The Ratskeller is the only location zoned for a cash bar on campus, therefore is the only location that an organization can have an event with alcohol on campus.)
  4. No kegs, or other common source alcohol containers (such as punch, party balls, etc.) are permitted. Only licensed third party vendors may have kegs.
  5. Student Organization funds or money generated from student activity fees or admission fees collected at the event may not be used for the purchase of alcohol (this includes "passing the hat").
  6. No event shall include drinking contests, drink specials, or have alcohol as prizes to any contests.
  7. Open parties, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of the sponsoring organization without specific invitation are prohibited. All events with alcohol must have a guest list that is generated and finalized 72 hours prior to the event with each guest's full name, date of birth, and host if not a member of sponsoring organization and turned into the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Vaughn Center or designee.
  8. Organizations must have designated driver programs in place. This program should specifically include provisions for commuting students who will be returning to their off-campus residences following the event.
  9. No organization may co-sponsor an event with alcohol with an alcohol distributor, charitable organization or tavern (business generating more than 50% of annual gross sales from alcohol). No funds, privileges, endorsements, charitable contributions or other special considerations shall be granted to an organization from the venue where the event is taking place.
  10. No organization may hold an event with alcohol during or 48 hours preceding final examination period, at organizational recruitment induction, or initiation events, at any campus recreation event, intramural event, or NCAA event, or during the academic week (Monday-Thursday) unless approved by the Assistant Dean or Students or designee.
  11. Exceptions to this policy for religious services must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students or Assistant Dean of Students or designee.

Procedures for On and Off Campus Events with Alcohol

Common Questions

What should an organization do if a performer/guest orders alcohol at dinner?
In this instance the performer/guest should start a separate tab and pay for the alcohol at their own expense since Student Government Funds can not be used for alcoholic beverages. If a student organization and a department are co-sponsoring a dinner and the department would like to pay for the guest's alcohol they can either request a separate tab or put everything on one bill and have the organization pay for the food and the department for the alcohol.

How do organizations pay for off-campus dinners for perfomers/guests?
The advisors of Student Government funded organizations (Student Government, Student Productions, Quilt, Minaret, Moroccan, PEACE, WUTZ, and WUTV) may take out an advance to cover the meal. All receipts must be turned in a week after the event with a list of names of the attendees of the dinner. Otherwise the advisor or student may pay for the meal on their credit card and get reimbursed.

What is the policy for drugs and steroids for students?
The University of Tampa has a zero tolerance policy for controlled substances. If students are caught in possession of these substances they will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Do these policies also apply to departments and faculty members?
The information in this document only applies to student organization but we encourage departments to follow many of the same principles to role model a responsible environment for our students.

The University of Tampa Coalition for an Alcohol Responsible Environment (C.A.R.E.) is dedicated to helping students make responsible life choices. This is achieved by building collaborative partnerships with students, faculty, staff, and community colleagues to lead our community towards environmental change.

  • If an organization would like to host an event with alcohol on campus in the Ratskeller or off campus they must fill out an Alcohol Request Form and turn it in to the Assistant Dean of Students or designee fifteen days prior the event. The organization representative must schedule a risk management conference with the Assistant Dean of Students or designee and pass a risk management quiz.
  • All organizations approved to hold an event with alcohol on campus must use Sodexho Dining Services as their vendor unless a waiver is received from Sodexho and approved by the Assistant Dean of Students.
  • Submit a Risk Assessment Survey.