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Do you need help creating an exercise routine? The new fitness center will offer one-on-one training sessions with one of our several nationally certified personal trainers who can help you improve your current routine or design something completely new. Check out our trainers below.

To obtain a personal training contract, please stop by the new fitness center front desk starting on Thursday, Oct. 20th, 2016. Payment will be accepted in the form of cash, money order or check made out to The University of Tampa.

All packages begin with a fitness assessment consisting of body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance components. A consultation to determine needs and goals will follow the assessment. Sessions are one hour.

All sessions/packages are non-refundable except in cases of health issues with doctor's note prohibiting physical activity. Packages purchased during the academic year must be used by the end of the spring semester of the same academic year, or remaining sessions will be forfeited.

Need help learning how to properly use and adjust all equipment with the guidance of a personal trainer? All students, faculty, and staff are able to schedule a free (ONE-time only) Equipment Orientation with a Fitness Center Personal Trainer, where you will be given a guided "tour" of all machines, learning proper adjustment and technique. You must schedule a time at the Front Desk. 


INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE OPTIONS ($20 per session/hour) *5 session minimum
4 Weeks                                         6 Weeks
_____2 sessions/week $160          _____ 2 sessions/week $220
_____3 sessions/week $220          _____ 3 sessions/week $340
_____4 sessions/week $300           _____ 4 sessions/week $440

8 Weeks Basic Plan
_____2 sessions/week $300          _____ 5 sessions $100
_____3 sessions/week $440
_____4 sessions/week $580          _____ Additional sessions $20

(2 Functional Movement Screenings and 1, 30-minute guidance session each week with trainer)
_____4 weeks $120                    _____8 weeks $240
_____6 weeks $180

TWO PERSON PACKAGES ($15 per session/hour per person)
_____ 4 Weeks 2 sessions/week $240 ($120 per person)
_____ 6 Weeks 2 sessions/week $360 ($180 per person)

All packages begin with a fitness assessment and consultation on the first session.
Packages are non-refundable and must be used by May of the academic year in which they are purchased.

Meet Our Trainers

Serista Budhram

AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification 
Certified Spinning Instructor
American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified
Major: International Business and Finance     Minor: Entrepreneurship

Over the years I have experienced it all – weight gain, weight loss and then bulking to shredding. I have had a variety of trainers over the years who both helped and harmed my health. I was an athlete my entire life, and giving up sports in college became a real challenge for me.

I find joy in helping others and teaching them about fitness, which is why I first pursued my passion for group fitness, specifically indoor cycling. As my desire to help people persisted I decided to pursue my personal training certification.

My passion lies in the weight room. I am amazed by the positive effects that weight training has on the physical and emotional being. My favorite thing about fitness is that no matter how much you think you know, you will never stop learning – it is a universe of endless possibilities.

As your trainer, your goals will become my goals. We will work towards them together! It’s all about balance and moderation. Listen to your body, and let’s find out what works for you!

Andrew Gilliland

NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer) 
American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified
Major: Financial Enterprise Systems

My name is Andrew, and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Just four years ago I noticed myself gaining weight and feeling tired, weak and unmotivated. I knew I wanted to feel better and do better, so I started fitness training. This decision was one of the best in my life – it turned everything around.

When I started training, I became obsessed with the study of exercise science and sharing my knowledge with family, friends and strangers at the gym. I realized my passion was helping others achieve their health related goals, which pushed me towards attaining my NASM personal training certification.

My primary objective as a personal trainer is to make it easier for you to set and achieve your long-term fitness goals. I do this by designing effective programs and breaking down your long term goal(s), into smaller, measurable targets. I focus on programs that are fun and deliver results geared towards your individual needs. When it comes to training I believe in hard work and consistency. While there is no short-cut to achieving your ideal fitness level or physique, luckily you can have me by your side helping you every step of the way.

Daniel Hernandez

NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer) 
Major: Allied Health Science

I am a transfer student here at UT, and I want to help the community become more active. I was a two-sport athlete in high school (volleyball, track and field), and I have been practicing kickboxing since I was 18. I love to push myself to my limits, because I know that’s how you get better. I understand its hard going outside our comfort zone, but that’s what can make the difference in achieving your goals.

Coming to UT, it was so awesome to see how many of the students and faculty utilize the new fitness center, but I want to expand the range of the gym's effect to those who aren’t as open to what the facility has to offer or just don’t know how beneficial a trip to the new fitness center can be. As your trainer, I will break exercises down and design the right program that is right for you. I will be there for you to help you keep going, because living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a sprint but the longest of distance races. It takes patience, discipline and confidence in yourself to keep going. So I hope to connect and help those who don’t know or are not comfortable with the realm of exercise and help them excel towards a healthier life.

Chris Murphy

NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer) 
NASM- Performance Enhancement Specialist  
National Strength and Conditioning- Tactical Strength and Conditioning  
EXOS Performance Specialist 
Functional Movement Screen Level 1 
Major: Human Performance

I was born and raised in Tampa, where I found my passion for playing soccer. I was driven my whole life to be physically fit so I could reach the highest level possible in my sport. I formerly played NCAA Division 1 soccer at Fairfield University in Connecticut. After an injury prone career I decided to hang up my boots and focus on my other passion – performance coaching. 

I train all my clients with four building blocks: nutrition, mindset, movement and recovery. Each of these has an equally important role in developing a well-balanced personalized training program based on your sports/job-specific and individual needs, which include body composition, plyometric, speed, strength, power, regeneration and energy system development based on scientifically proven principles. I also use the functional movement screen, or FMS, to screen for limitations and asymmetries in seven basic human movement patterns. This will allow for developing a sound injury prevention strategy and for building a solid foundation.

I have had the opportunity to work with many different population including NFL, MLB, SOCOM military personal, general public, college and high school athletes during my career so far. I hope to take my knowledge and past experiences and help you accomplish your goals!

Greg Slaton

NASM-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer) 
Major: Human Performance (Concentration in Exercise Physiology)

Currently a senior at The University of Tampa, I transferred to UT last year and immediately fell in love with the region’s active lifestyle. Growing up in southern New Jersey I participated in a plethora of sports at the middle school and high school levels, during which time I began to learn the value of sport conditioning. However, once I entered college I truly developed my passion for fitness as a lifestyle (not just sport-specific), and more specifically, for calisthenics and functional training modalities.

Calisthenics, meaning bodyweight exercise, is my area of specialization, and I have spent many years learning and growing in this newly evolving and popular style of full-body fitness. Additionally, I have spent a few years absorbing as much information as possible under the direct supervision of the off-season strength and conditioning specialist for professional NLF quarterback Joe Flacco.

As a charismatic, highly energetic, outgoing and fun-spirited individual, the decision to become a personal/group trainer was a no-brainer (that rhymed). As your trainer, I will develop for you a comprehensive, scientifically backed program targeting not only the “glamour muscles,” but all muscles required to carry out your activity –specific and daily functional movements. Together, we will not only work hard to achieve your fitness goals, but we are going to have an absolute blast doing so!