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Sportsmanship and Playoff System

I. Sportsmanship
A. Sportsmanship, which seeks meaningful participation for everyone, requires that all participants respect the rules, respect the officials and their decisions, respect their opponents, and maintain self-control at all times.

B. A numeric value (reflecting the sportsmanship of the team) will be assigned after the completion of each intramural event.

C. Teams will be evaluated and graded by the intramural supervisor who is assigned to oversee their game.

D. The numeric value will correspond to each team's overall level of sportsmanship exhibited during the contest.
II. Sportsmanship Rating Scale
4 points: A team or individual that cooperates fully with officials opponents and teammates. An open and calm rapport exists between the captain, opponents and the officials. The captain has full control of his her team and fans.
3 points: Players at times disagree with officials decision. The captain successfully controls his/her team and fans actions. Verbal warning given by officials. At least one technical or unsportsmanlike conduct is awarded.  
2 points: conflict involving participants, officials and fans are frequent and not totally controlled by the captain. The captain is not in control of his or her team at all times. At least one technical or unsportsmanlike conduct is awarded.    
1 point: The captain fails to assist the official in game control. Dissent is open among team members, individual and/or spectators.  The captain has little or no control of his or her team.  
0 point: A team or individual that displays little or no sportsmanship. A team or individual causing a game to be interrupted or terminated due to unsportsmanlike behavior will receive an "F" rating. (Use of a suspended player(s) or ineligibility player(s). A team forfeiting a contest will automatically receive an "F" rating. A team will be placed on probation and face suspension from any and all intramural activity when a team receives two "F" ratings in a sport, neither of which was a forfeit.  
Sportsmanship is assessed for the entirety of time on intramural grounds including behavior before and after contests. 
Participant(s) (in singles and doubles events) and teams(s)/organization(s) must have at least a 3.0 average sportsmanship rating to be eligible for the playoffs regardless of their overall record.  Game officials and intramural staff members will assess each team's sportsmanship after each contest. Teams may check their ratings on the website at   
Administrative Technical Fouls/Unsportsmanlike Conducts
A technical foul is a technical that doesn't affect the team's sportsmanship. These fouls would result in Team A being awarded an automatic 2 point and possession of the ball. Examples of administrative technical;
  • Jewelry 
  • Non checked in player  
III. Playoff Selection
A. All teams that earn a .500 record or better and earn an average sportsmanship rating of 2.0 or higher will be eligible for the playoffs (Exception: When more than 12 teams in a league qualify for the playoffs).

B. If more than 12 teams in a league achieve a .500 record or better and meet the sportsmanship requirements, then playoff berths will be awarded based upon pre-selected tie breakers. a. Winning Percentage b. Point Differential c. Points Against d. Points For e. Sportsmanship f. Coin Toss

C. Playoff competition will be arranged in a single-elimination, tournament format. The single-elimination format may be modified by the director of campus recreation due to the number of teams which are participating in the league.
IV. Player and Team Conduct
A. Intramural sports are a privilege and everyone is expected to handle themselves in a civil manner. There are specific sanctions for individual and team unsportsmanlike conduct as well as a reinstatement process for ejected participants.

B. Individual Sanctions
a. Two unsportsmanlike penalties during a contest = ejection and minimum one game suspension
b. Three cumulative unsportsmanlike penalties during a season = automatic one game suspension
c. Four cumulative unsportsmanlike penalties during a season = suspended for remainder of season
C. Team Sanctions
a. Three unsportsmanlike penalties during a contest = end of contest and automatic forfeit
b. Five unsportsmanlike penalties during a season = automatic one game suspension
c. Six unsportsmanlike penalties during a season = removal from league
D. Fans or spectators who are clearly behind one team become the responsibility of that team. A team may be given an unsportsmanlike penalty due to the actions of their fans.
V. Ejection and Reinstatement Process
A. Participants who are ejected from an intramural contest for any reason will be ineligible to participate in any intramural events or activities until they have completed the following steps.
a. Set up a meeting with the coordinator of intramural sports
b. Met with the coordinator of intramural sports
c. Served given suspension in full
B. All ejections are followed with a mandatory minimum one game suspension. The suspension does not begin being served until after the participant has met with the coordinator of intramural sports.

C. If the ejected individual participates in more than one intramural sport, they will be ineligible for all sports until their suspension is served.

D. Fighting is subject to a lifetime ban.

E. Anyone deemed to be making a travesty or mockery of the game, officials or program will be subject to immediate ejection.

F. Fair Play Rule - The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to add any ruling pertaining to sportsmanship, fair play and safety.