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1.) Function and Purpose. Intramural captains are vital contacts between teams and the coordinator of intramural sports. The captains’ functions and responsibilities include:

a. Serving as liaisons between intramural teams and the intramural staff with regards to current information concerning schedules, rules and rule changes

b. Representing their team at the mandatory Captains' Meeting/Captains' Quiz

c. Registering team online and inviting all teammates to join before the deadline

d. Knowing and understanding all rules pertaining to player eligibility, and making certain all team members are eligible before inviting them to join the team

e. Knowing and understanding the rules of sport activities that their teams are competing in and relating the same to their teams

f.  Notifying team members of all playing dates, times and locations

g. Keeping a current phone number and email address on file

h.  Notifying the assistant director for competitive sports of any changes

i.  Serving as an example of good sportsmanship and fair play for fellow team members  

2.) Captains' Meeting/Captains' Quiz. A captains' meeting is held after the entry deadline, but prior to the start of a season, to discuss intramural policies and procedures as well as rules for each intramural sport. Each team must have a representative at the captains' meeting. All meetings will be held in the classroom of the Fitness and Recreation Center, the same evening of the date registration closes. Specific times are provided on IMLeagues. Failure to send the appropriate representative will result in that team being dropped from the league. All Captains' Quizzes will be administered and taken online, through the IMLeagues webpage. 
3.) Registration Information. Teams must register online by visiting the intramural sports tab on the left side of the screen. Step-by-step instructions are linked to the page.

4.) Scheduling Procedures. Schedules for all activities are issued by the assistant director for competitive sports indicating opponents, dates, times and playing locations and can be found online through the intramural sports tab

  • Teams are placed in four to eight team leagues and play a round robin schedule for regular season play.
  • There must be at least four entries to run an activity.

Each participant and captain is responsible for the verification of individual and team eligibility. Refer questionable cases to the coordinator of intramural sports for a ruling before competing. Whenever a specific case is reported by protest or otherwise, an investigation is made to determine whether the person in question is eligible. 

1.) Conduct. Any player or captain whose conduct and/or language is considered threatening to other players, officials, spectators or supervisors, or who disrupts play intentionally will be referred to the coordinator of intramural sports. The offending individual must then personally appear before the coordinator, who reviews his/her eligibility for further play. If gross misconduct is found, the offending individual loses the privilege to compete and attend future intramural games and may face University disciplinary action.

2.) Individual Eligibility  

a. All students registered at The University of Tampa are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program (Exceptions to this condition do exist - please read Sections 7 and 8 below for details).

b. Faculty and staff members are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

c. No player may participate on more than one team in the same sport. The exception to this rule is if there is a men's, women's and CoRec league in one sport. In this case a male participant can play on a men's team and a CoRec team. A female participant can play on a women's team and CoRec team. All games in which the illegal player participated in shall result in a forfeit loss to all teams who used the illegal player.

d. All team members must be on the team roster in order to be eligible to play. A person who competes, but is not on the team roster, will forfeit all games played for that team.

e. Any student who discontinues class work at The University of Tampa becomes ineligible for intramural sports competition.

f. Alumni are ineligible for intramural sports.

g. For playoff competition, a player is declared ineligible and dropped from further competition in that sport if his/her name does not appear on an official team score card (played at least one game) during the regular season.

h. All players must read and agree to a waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement before participating in an intramural event.

i. A team forfeits any contest in which an ineligible player was used. 

3.) Team Eligibility 

a. The captain must create the team and invite all members to join prior to the deadline. For a registered team to be eligible they must have the minimum number of players joined for that specific sport (specified on registration page).

b. Full names are placed on the score sheet at the time of the contest. Players listed on the score sheet must correspond to the players on the official team roster.

c. A player who is not on the team roster and who has not played for another team in that particular sport may be added to the roster before the start of the contest (during the regular season only). Players cannot be added after the end of the last regular season game for a sport.

d.  The roster maximum for team sports is as follows (including the captain and assistant captain):
  • 24 players: co-ed softball, softball, ultimate Frisbee 
  • 22 players: flag football, soccer
  • 18 players: volleyball, floor hockey, dodgeball 
  • 15 players: basketball, co-ed sand volleyball, indoor soccer 
  • 12 players: 3-on-3 basketball
e. Once a participant has played in one game for a team in any activity, he/she may not switch to another team for the duration of that activity’s season.

4.) Free Agent Policy. Individuals who want to participate, but do not have enough players to field a team, may register as a free agent online. Specific instructions can by found through the intramural sports tab. A "free agent" team may be formed if enough free agents are identified before the captains' meeting for that particular sport. If the minimum amount of free agents are not identified before the due date, the coordinator of intramural sports will make teams aware of free agents at the captains' meeting for potential placement on an established team. Due to the other intangibles, it may not be possible to place a free agent on a team for the sport(s) he/she has an interest in. Please contact Joshua Pullens at (813) 257-3318 if you have any questions on how to register as a free agent or to join a team. 

5.) Playoff Eligibility. A player must participate with his/her team in at least one regular season contest to be eligible for the playoff competition. Player names appearing on a score sheet of a game won by forfeit are considered participants. If a team is suspected of using an ineligible player, the protest must be made prior to the end of the regular season.

6.) CoRec Eligibility. Teams must fill an equal number of males and females during a CoRec sport. Teams may play short-handed (if applicable), but must meet the minimum required number of players for that particular sport.

7.) Members of the Athletic Teams. 

a. The coaches of each sport may elect to declare their athletes ineligible for intramural sports.

b. Members of UT athletic teams are ineligible for participation in their sport or its related sport if they remain on such a team during or after the first contest in that sport season. Students trying out for an intercollegiate team are ineligible for intramural participation in that sport until they voluntarily withdraw or are cut from the team. (This must occur within a reasonable time before intramural competition.) Any student receiving any amount or form of athletic “grant-in-aid” is ineligible for intramural participation in the sport or related sport for which the “grant-in-aid” is given, regardless of his/her team status.

c. All UT varsity coaches are ineligible for intramural competition in the sport(s) or related sport(s) which they coach.

d. Collegiate athletes who discontinue their sport remain ineligible for their sport or related sport in intramurals for the semester in which they last played or practiced with their team as well as one additional semester. Fall, spring and summer are each considered a semester regarding eligibility rulings.
e. In the spirit of participation, eligibility of former athletes will be reviewed on a case by case basis and questions are encouraged to be brought to the coordinator of intramural sports for final ruling.

8.) Professionals.
Any student who has competed in a sport on a professional basis (an individual who has received pay for playing a sport) shall be ineligible for intramural competition in that sport or related sport.


1.) Forfeit Procedures. If a team or individual must forfeit a contest, they must notify the coordinator of intramural sports at least three business days prior to the playing of the contest.

a. If a team or contestant fails to appear at the designated playing site, the supervisor may declare the contest forfeited to the team or individual present. The specified minimums must be maintained in order for the contest to be played. Game time is forfeit time. A five minute grace period may be given for a shorthanded team with the opposing captain's compliance. The game clock will start at game time.

b. For team activities, all the names of the team members who are ready to play must be recorded on the proper score sheet. Said team must demonstrate to the officials and the supervisor that they have enough players to properly start the contest. Then, and only then, is the forfeit recorded as a victory.

c. If both teams fail to show at the designated time and place, a double forfeit is recorded and the contest is not rescheduled. Two forfeits by a team will eliminate them from further competition.

d. A team which forfeits will have to a $35 forfeit fee, and the team captain will be suspended until the team fee is paid.

2.) Protests. Judgment calls by an official may not be protested. Protests are restricted to matters of rule interpretation and player eligibility.

a. The team captain must make any protest involving rules interpretation to the official in charge of the contest at the time the question is raised. Once the play has resumed, the protest is not valid. The official is responsible for notifying the supervisor, who will make a decision if and under what circumstances the contest continues.

b. If the team making the protest believes the supervisor is incorrect, they may protest the ruling to the coordinator of intramural sports.  

c. All valid protests to the coordinator of intramural sports must be made in writing. The protest must be received before 5 p.m. on the day following the contest, stating the reason for the protest and the rule violated.

d. The validity of the protest is decided by the coordinator of intramural sports.

e. An upheld player eligibility protest results in a forfeit by the guilty team or individual.

f. Anyone aware of an ineligible player competing should report the infraction to the coordinator of intramural sports so appropriate action may be taken.

3.) Postponements and Rescheduling. All intramural contests are arranged weeks in advance, so team and individuals should attempt to arrange their activities to prevent conflict.

a. Decisions pertaining to weather-related postponements are made by 8 p.m. on days when game status is questionable due to bad weather. Such decisions may be attained by visiting and checking the announcements section.

b. The supervisor at the site will be the judge in determining if the contests in progress are continued.

c. All other rescheduling must be done through the coordinator of intramural sports. Games otherwise rescheduled subject both team to forfeits. A valid reason must be presented to reschedule a regular contest.