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Art Scholarship Application

Each year the Department of Art awards several art scholarships to new incoming students. These awards are determined on a competitive basis and require the submission of an art portfolio and the completion of the application below. 


  • New entering student (fall term entry only)
  • Demonstrated ability in art (evidenced in portfolio)
  • Completed admissions application
  • Major in art, art therapy, digital arts, new media production, graphic design or painting

The Portfolio (emailed submission required):

  • In-person portfolio reviews are conducted during select Open House events.
  • All applicants must submit a portfolio to be considered for a scholarship.  
  • The portfolio should include artwork that best represents the depth and breadth of your abilities.
  • The portfolio should contain 10 examples of your best work.
  • Drawing examples (from life) should be included.
  • Examples in all media are encouraged.
  • Digital images should be emailed in JPEG format.
  • Label each image with title, medium, size and date.
  • Email portfolio to:

Deadline for scholarship consideration: Feb. 1

*You must be an accepted student to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.

Last Name:   First Name:
Address 1:    
Address 2:    
City: State:
Zip: Country:
Phone Number: Email:

Applicant Status (check one):  

First-year student (traditional freshman)
Transfer student from another college/university

Emphasis Interest (check all that apply):  

Ceramics Drawing Digital Arts
Graphic Design Painting Printmaking
Photography Sculpture  

Personal Statement — Explain why you wish to undertake university study in art. Describe your creative interests and professional goals.


Image Identification List (to coincide with portfolio images):

1. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
2. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
3. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
4. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
5. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
6. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
7. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
8. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
9. Title: Size:  
  Medium: Date:  
10. Title: Size:  
  Medium:   Date:  

Checklist for scholarship consideration:

1) You have been accepted by UT as a full-time student
2) This completed application form
3) 10-image portfolio (each image labeled with title, size and media)