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Academic workshops are scheduled throughout the year on a variety of topics. Workshops can be held for as few as eight students or as many as a hundred! The workshops typically last about an hour and provide students a chance to learn about topics that may be of interest to the student. Not sure what the best workshop might be? We will be glad to answer your questions and design a workshop tailor made for your organization or group. For scheduling a workshop or more information about the workshops listed, please email

What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up?
Not sure what major to select? This workshop uses exercises designed to reveal your passions and interests, along with dispelling the "myths of majors," in order for you to make a realistic choice of major. This workshop is for anyone trying to decide on a major or transition from one major to another.

Time Flies When You Are On Facebook: Time Management Tips
Practical tips to help you manage your time and meet your goals. Our most popular workshop, Time Management Tips helps students understand that with proper management of their time, they can accomplish their academic goals, extra-curriculum commitments, personal obligations and still have a social life!

Becoming a UT Student – Adjusting to College Life
For many entering freshmen, the differences between high school years and college is overwhelming. This workshop explores those differences and teaches students what needs to be done in order to become successful college graduates.

Test Taking Strategies
Learn strategies for different test types from multiple-choice to timed essay. Do you go blank during a big exam? Even a small quiz? This workshop helps students overcome some of the normal test anxieties that everyone experiences by teaching test-taking strategies. Knowing these tips, and being prepared, will help you feel more confident and less stressed during exams.


Other topics of interest? Email, and let us know what topics you’d like to learn more about.