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Interested in earning a master’s or doctorate? Thinking about applying to graduate and professional schools?

A recent post-graduate survey shows that 20 percent of University of Tampa graduates headed to graduate and professional schools, enrolling in 45 institutions across the country and the world. Their fields range from business, law, medicine, veterinary medicine and engineering to public administration, education, counseling and the arts.

  • Talk to your faculty advisor
  • Join a student organization and take a leadership role to boost your resume
  • Take inventory of possible school options
  • Research the entrance requirements
  • Study for the entrance exam (LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Talk with Career Services to update your CV/resume and prepare for program interview
  • Request personal recommendations
  • Complete application

Applying to graduate and professional schools requires a great deal of research and preparation. Learn more by stopping by the Academic Success Center or attending one of Career Services’ graduate school preparation workshops. 

Other helpful resources:

Graduate Degrees

Graduate degrees

Further your studies with one of UT’s graduate degrees. Programs in business, creative writing, nursing, teaching, exercise and nutrition.

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