Admissions FAQ

What are “official” transcripts? | Back to top.

Official transcripts are sent directly from each secondary or post-secondary school attended to The University of Tampa Admissions Office. They are generally sent from a high school guidance office or from a college registrar in a sealed envelope with the permanent seal of the originating institution stamped on the transcript. Unofficial transcripts are generally copies issued by schools for student use only and cannot be accepted by The University of Tampa as supporting documents for admissions applications.

Does the University accept advanced placement credits? | Back to top.
Students should submit the results of the Advanced Placement Tests, administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. The University of Tampa awards academic credit up to a total of 30 semester hours for tests with a score of 3, 4 or 5. Acceptable scores vary by discipline. Click here for a list of acceptable scores by discipline.

Are the results of CLEP Examinations accepted for academic credit by The University of Tampa? | Back to top.
Students may earn up to thirty credits by submitting satisfactory results on a battery of tests administered by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). These tests measure a student’s general knowledge in broad areas such as English composition, social studies, humanities, general science, mathematics and other related subjects.For more information about CLEP tests, contact For a list of acceptable scores, click here.

Are students with a GED eligible for admission to The University of Tampa? | Back to top.
Eligibility for admission requires graduation from high school or high school equivalency earned through the General Educational Developmental Tests (GED). Scores must be acceptable to The University of Tampa.

Is it possible for students to skip their senior year of high school to start college early? | Back to top.
Unusually well prepared students who have achieved good grades and high SAT or ACT test scores may be considered for early admission. Completion of the junior year in high school and the qualified recommendation of a high school principal or guidance counselor are required.

May students appeal an admission decision? | Back to top.
Students may appeal an admission decision by writing to the Chair of the Faculty Admissions Committee, in care of the Admissions Office. Documentation to support reasons for the appeal should be included with the letter.

Can students complete their academic majors or programs in four years? | Back to top.
The University of Tampa graduates more than 90 percent of students entering as freshmen within four years. All majors are designed with this goal in mind. If freshmen follow a prescribed course plan, work closely with an academic advisor, and earn passing grades, they should graduate successfully in four years or eight semesters.

Are interviews required for admission? | Back to top.
Although The University of Tampa welcomes and encourages campus visits, they are not required. A personal visit is helpful in discovering if the academic and campus culture is a good fit. At busy times of the year, counselors meet with small groups of interested students rather than individually with students.

How do students qualify for International Baccalaureate credit? | Back to top.
Students who achieve 5, 6 or 7 on the IB-Higher Level exam receive eight semester hours of credit for each Higher Level course. Up to thirty semester hours of IB credit may be awarded toward a University of Tampa degree.No credits can be awarded for “Subsidiary” or lower level courses. Click here for more information.

Are freshmen applicants required to have two years of a foreign language in high school? | Back to top.
Yes. The University requires a minimum of two years of foreign language study as part of your high school college preparatory curriculum. Your major will dictate whether additional foreign language study will be required for graduation from the University.