Academic Workshops

Academic workshops are held throughout the year on a variety of topics. Students interested can stop by the Academic Success Center and sign up for an upcoming workshop. The workshops typically last about an hour and provide students a chance to learn about topics that may be of interest to the student. For more information about upcoming workshops or questions about the workshops email

 TED Talk Tuesdays
    Come meet some friends and learn something new.

 To Read or Not To Read – Study Skills for Textbook Reading
    Change your reading style to improve your attention, comprehension and memory.

Personal Finance 101
    Tuition, Room and Board, Expenses…Oh My! Learn how to be more money savvy.

Test Taking Strategies
    Learn strategies for different test types from multiple-choice to timed essay.

Time Flies When You Are On Facebook: Time Management Tips
    Practical tips to help you manage your time and meet your goals.

Becoming a UT Student – Adjusting to College Life
    Differences between high school and college

Facing Your Fear of Math
    Dreading your math class? Come to this workshop! 

If your class or your student organization would like to request a workshop on any of the above topics please contact us at To allow for scheduling we request at least two weeks notice.  

Other topics of interest? Email, and let us know what topics you’d like to learn more about.