Peer Tutoring

Struggling in a class? Want a better grasp on the subject and material? Need assistance with an area of study? Check out the current tutoring schedule, and stop by for tutoring!

Tutoring is a great place to start your successful academic career. Not only will you become more proficient in the course you are tutored in (on average, 95% of students receiving more than four hours of tutoring a semester pass their course), but tutors are upper level UT students who have been where you are and relate to what you are going through. Besides their knowledge of subject material, they are a great resource for answers to questions you may have about time management, study tips and other resources on campus.

  • Walk-in basis, no appointments needed
  • Daily, evening and weekend hours available

Tutors are available for traditionally challenging courses in science, math, statistics, accounting, finance, economics, languages and more. Courses include (but are not limited to):

    ACC 202, 203
    BIO 203, 204, 300
    CHE 152, 154, 232, 234
    ECO 204, 205
    FIN 310
Health Sciences
    HSC 230, 231

Information Technology Management
    ITM 210
    JPN 101, 102, 201
    MAT 150, 155, 160, 170, 225, 260, 261, 262
    PHY 200, 201
    PSY 200, 211
Speech, Public Speaking, Presentations

Graduate level tutors are available by appointment for the following classes: ACC 500, ACC 610, ECO 500, FIN 500 and ITM 500. Email for more information.

Note: In order to accommodate students effectively and efficiently, please come to your tutoring session prepared with questions, books, practice test, etc.

Exam times are very busy for tutors, and priority is given to those students who have come to ACE tutoring regularly for assistance.

Additional Questions/Comments? Email or call (813) 257-5757

Interested in becoming a tutor?

ACE is always looking for good scholars who are interested in tutoring other students. If you have at least a 3.0 GPA, sophomore standing or higher, and received an A or AB in the subject you wish you tutor, then you are eligible to apply to be a tutor. Please stop by the Academic Success Center or contact for an application. All applications must be returned with your most current unofficial transcript. Recommendations from UT professors will be given priority.