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Repeating Courses and Forgiveness Policy

Special Petition to Repeat a Course under the Forgiveness Policy

The policy statement below is taken from the University Catalog: 

Subject to the guidelines below, a student may retake up to three courses under the University grade forgiveness policy to replace a grade previously earned in a course. This policy does not apply to courses in which the student earned a grade of “C” or better or to courses in which a student earned a grade of less than “C” if the grade resulted from an officially adjudicated academic integrity violation. Please note that students may not receive credit more than once for a course, unless the course is listed in the catalog as approved for multiple credits.

The required procedure and other guidelines for the grade forgiveness policy are as follows:

  1. The student must complete and submit to the Academic Advising Office a “Special Petition to Repeat a Course Under the Forgiveness Policy” form. If the form is properly completed and all requirements for the grade forgiveness are satisfied, the Academic Advising Office will approve the petition and forward the petition to the Registrar’s Office for processing. The last deadline for filing any petitions for grade forgiveness is the last day of final exams during the semester in which the student graduates.
  2. All grades remain on the student’s transcript. The original course attempt will have an annotation indicating that the course has been repeated for forgiveness.
  3. Both the forgiven course and the repeated course must be taken at The University of Tampa under the standard grading system (A–F); forgiveness of S/U courses is not permitted. If the student withdraws from the course being repeated, the withdrawal or “W” grade cannot be used for grade forgiveness.
  4. During a student’s academic career, he or she may petition to have up to three grades forgiven under this policy. The student is permitted to file for grade forgiveness for the same course only one time.
  5. Without utilizing grade forgiveness, the student who repeats the same course at UT will receive credit only once for the course, and all grades in the course will be averaged into the student’s cumulative grade point average. Prior to spring 2005, the original attempt was marked with an “R” next to the grade to indicate that the course was repeated but the grade was not forgiven.
  6. Prior to spring 2005 a forgiven course was noted with a “Z” next to the original grade.
  7. Under unusual circumstances, a different but similar course may be used if the department offering the course and the Office of the Associate Provost approve the substitution. Therefore, with prior approval of the department offering the course and the Office of the Associate Provost, a course different from the original course may be substituted in the following cases:
    • The substitute course differs in prefix, number, hours or title but does not differ substantially in content from the original course.
    • The substitute course replaces a course no longer offered by the institution.