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UT Receives Award for Transplanting 65-Foot Grand Oak

Published: April 09, 2013
The University of Tampa received a 2012 Friends of Our Urban Forest Outstanding Project award from the Florida Urban Forestry Council for transplanting a 65-foot, 36-inch diameter oak tree, considered a “grand tree” by the City of Tampa and one of the largest to be moved in Hillsborough County.

The award was presented to the University during the dedication ceremony of the Naimoli Family Athletic and Intramural Complex on April 5, 2013.

The grand tree, now located just east of the train tracks that border the west side of campus, was moved 400 feet from its original location, which is now midfield of the Naimoli Complex. The transplanted tree anchors a one-acre, shaded park to the west of the complex, adding campus green space for relaxation and recreation.

Lake Worth, FL-based South Coast Grower completed the move in May 2012.

In 2000, UT relocated two 50-foot oak trees to make room for construction of the Vaughn Center. Those trees are still alive and thriving on the edge of the Plant Hall faculty-staff parking lot.

Part of the award from the Florida Urban Forestry Council was a large painting of the DeSoto Charter Oak, which stands opposite UT’s Plant Hall in Plant Park.