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TR 43/44 (for 'Current Issue' page)“Come
into these diminished forests calling;
out of the midnight of your exiles,
out of the private music at manic dawn,
out of the bitter-grown logic of your talk.”

M. P. Jones IV

So begins Tampa Review 45/46, a double issue, with cover art by acclaimed collaborative artists Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse. Their room-size sculptural installation, in the Selby Gallery of Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, gives the visitor a sense of waxing and waning, of choosing to explore or dwell in the light or dark side of the self as one chooses one’s position in the world. “The moon becomes a metaphor for who we are in the world,” Mickett says. Stackhouse adds that experiencing the installation involves awareness of changes in perspective and perception. “There’s a way of looking at the moon that if you explore it, all of a sudden you see something different. We’re using our combined abilities to reflect that.” Like the art of Mickett and Stackhouse, much of the work in this issue explores phases of identity, considers the marks we leave upon the world, and questions permanence and change.

The issue’s first piece of fiction is the Danahy Prize-winning story, “Scar,” by Mark Krieger. In it beauty, tenderness, and affection are fragile, and the possibility of change seems doubtful: “We can’t help the way we are,” a girl says to the boy she promises to “mother.” Though he feels “something new in my life was cracking through my shell,” in the end he is left with “wounds too old and deep to close.”

In the end, Tampa Review 45/46 comes full circle: from the call “of the private music at manic dawn” in the opening poem, through the reflections of the aging speaker in Marjorie Stelmach’s “Autumn Dialogue.” And there are epiphanies throughout, ways to imagine a continuously “opened wound” that does not scar in silence, but is endlessly expressed—by the mystic in prayer, the writer in words, the artist in color and light.

The issue includes new fiction by Ellen Brown Furman, Mark Krieger, Virgina Pye, Ron Rindo, Matthew Vollmer, and Daniel Wallace.

Poetry by Peggy Aylsworth, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Vanessa Blakeslee, John-Michael Bloomquist, Bruce Bond, Michael Chitwood, Bill Christopherson, Patricia Clark, Jim Daniels, Holly Day, Anna M. Evans, Andrew C. Gottlieb, Rachel Hadas, John Hart, Lesley Jenike, Ann Keniston, John McKernan, George Ovitt, Lynne Potts, John Savoie, Carrie Shipers, Michael Spence, Marjorie Stelmach, Christine Swint, Corey Van Landingham, Cody Walker, Tana Jean Welch, and Natalie Young.

Nonfiction by Mark Beaver, Ellis J. Biderson, J. Malcolm Garcia, Therése Halscheid, Caroline Sutton, and Gina P. Vozenilek.

And art by Neverne Covington, Diana Falchuk, Antonio Fasciano, James Graves, Peter Lamata, Jiosé Lerma, Marc Messett, Carol Mickett, Mobstr, Daniel Mrgan, Robert Stackhouse, and Dan Taylr.


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