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Tampa Review 54

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By Tampa Press Editors  & Staff

In a world afloat with brand names, trademarks, and corporate identities, the completed individual portrait, or even the self-portrait, can become lost arts. This should make the retrospective and introspective qualities of the literary work collected in Tampa Review 54 the more compelling. Speakers and narrators review their losses (deaths of siblings, parents, lovers) and their choices (what they have missed; what they have learned) while dimly aware of losing touch with who they are (what they have become). In the end, what identity can these characters in life and in fiction claim for themselves?  What do their struggles tell us about who we are? And what responsibility should we assume for the title J. Malcolm Garcia has given to his piece, “Move to Survive”? We have a sense today that all of us must “move to survive” as we find ourselves in a world of startlingly rapid and constant change. Whether in physical, metaphysical, or cybernetic flux—or all of the above—this is us. This constant movement is who we are now.


Fiction: Cezarija Abartis, Kendall Klym, Shirley Sullivan


Poetry: Raymond Philip Asaph, Susanna Brougham, Lauren Camp, Monica Claesson, Maryann Corbett, Ellen Elder, Cathryn Essinger, Christopher Howell, Emma Hyche, Michael Lavers, Mercedes Lawry, Peter Meinke, John Minczeski, Jim Minick, Maria Nazos, Nancy Chen Long, Ann Robinson, Peter Schmitt, William Snyder Jr., Chris Harding Thornton, G. C. Waldrep, Will Wellman, and John Sibley Williams.


Nonfiction: J.  Malcolm Garcia, Ira Sukrungruang, Caroline Sutton


Art: Santiago Echeverry, Kendra Frorup, Lew Harris, Ina Kaur, Jack King, Chris Valle











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