Tampa Review 51/52  

Tampa Review 51/52

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By Tampa Press Editors  & Staff

Tampa Review 51/52 invites us to consider the ways that artistic forms and disciplines can overlap and interact as artists seek to realize their distinctive visions and share them with others. As we thought about the ways that authors and artists cross boundaries to blend visual art, geometry, narrative, myth, and music, we began to select visual art for the issue that reflects mixed-media thinking “outside the box.” We found this particularly in pieces by Lesley Dill, Paul Huet, and Richard Kostelanetz. And Florida poet laureate, Peter Meinke, contributed an apple-shaped poem (with worm), using visual elements for humor and multiple meanings. Many of the writers in this double issue also acknowledge the value of crossing disciplinary boundaries to give voice to thought and feeling. Poet Suzanne Parker’s homage to Portuguese singer Fernanda Maria imagines transformation through the power of the Fado singer’s words in artistic performance. J. Malcolm Garcia’s braided essay, “Providing,” describes the tangled interrelation between Guatemala’s political machinations and the fate of abandoned children rescued by deeply dedicated women. A history professor he interviews uses circles and connecting lines to map “the ideological pattern” that continues, no matter who is in power. Paula Brancato begins her Danahy Fiction Prize story, “Executive Spa,” with interwoven visual, auditory, and physical metaphors that convey painful American economic inequalities and conflicting values. Near the end of “Ghost Town, Colorado,” poet Peter Serchuk casts features of the natural landscape as dancers and storytellers to dramatize the struggle between settlers seeking gold, Indians defending their land, and mining companies looking for profit. Nonfiction graphic novelist Robert Landry combines word and image, fact and fiction, to illuminate his family’s murky past. These and other works remind us that imagination and creativity weave complex fabrics, revealing truth and beauty through unexpected and unlikely combinations.


Fiction by: Gay Baines, J. A. Bernstein, Paula Brancato, Wendy J. Fox, G. D. McFetridge, Aaron Troye-White

Poetry by: Colleen Louise Barry, Francesca Bell, Bruce Bond, Tina Mozelle Braziel, Roger Camp, Gladys Justin Carr, Morris Collins, Steve Coughlin, Jim Daniels, Holly Day, Michael Fessler, Clifford Paul Fetters, Gary Fincke, Louis Gallo, Mary Gilliland, Jason Gray, Jonathan Greenhause, David Hathwell, Gerry LaFemina, Robert J. Levy, Clint McCown, Peter Meinke, Martin Ott, Suzanne Parker, Doug Ramspeck, Nicholas Samaras, Adam Scheffler, Peter Serchuk, Knute Skinner, Lisa Summe, Charles Tisdale, Mitchell Untch, James Valvis, Lee Varon, Meghan Vesper, Benjamin Voigt, Warren Woessner

Nonfiction by: Marcia Aldrich, J. Malcolm Garcia, Joanne Jacobson, Robert Landry, Augusta Read Thomas, John Robinson

Art by: Lesley Dill, Paul Huet, Richard Kostelanetz, Jacqui Larsen












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