In Thailand It Is Night - Cover  

In Thailand It Is Night

By Ira  Sukrungruang

Winner of the Anita Claire Scharf Award. 


In Thailand It Is Night reminds us that poetry holds both nostalgia and instructions: we dream of the future while wearing the garments of our fathers. Ira Sukrungruang’s new collection is surprising and clear at every turn.” –Stephen Kuusisto


In Ira Sukrungruang’s In Thailand It Is Night, the afterlife is where the streets bustle with the sounds of a backfiring motor and where the surprise of peacocks in the middle of the city fan out their blues and greens despite the strangeness of the paved walkways. Within, Midwest winters are warded off by palpable memories of home while the complexities of love and the world are recollections blossoming from the mind as dogs howl “at the bitten moon.” A vast statue of Buddha houses wintering birds in its ears. Their songs are Sukrunguang's poems which travel the curved path from the brain into the heart. –Oliver de la Paz


To read the poems in In Thailand It Is Night is to encounter a speaker who knows that poetry lies deeply embedded in the body, and in the litany of breath itself. Sukrungruang has limned an extraordinary collection couched in the broken language of immigration and the mystical language of reincarnation, a book that is as dreamy as it is resolute. Deeply rooted in the landscape, these poems define emotion using the riches of the natural world: finches and cranes and crows, geckos and tree frogs and cardinals and moths—these creatures weave longing, memory, and family into an intricate, lyric-narrative web. “My palms are up,” writes Sukrungruang, and this gesture signifies how open his poetry is to the world, to the simultaneous beauty and suffering it brings.” –Erika Meitner


Ira Sukrungruang is the author of the memoir Talk Thai: The Adventures of Buddhist Boy and coeditor of two anthologies: What Are You Looking At? The First Fat Fiction Anthology and Scoot Over, Skinny: The Fat Nonfiction Anthology. His work has appeared in many journals, including Post Road, The Sun, Witness, Ninth Letter, Buddhist Poetry Review, and Creative Nonfiction. He teaches in the MFA program at the University of South Florida.


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