O FORTUNATE FLORIDIAN • Signed Slipcase Limited Edition

O Fortunate Floridian  

O Fortunate Floridian

H. P. Lovecraft’s Letters to R. H. Barlow
By S. T.   Joshi
By David E.  Schultz

S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz, the leading scholars of Howard Phillips Lovecrafts life and work, have assembled all of Lovecraft's letters to his friend, Robert H. Barlow of DeLand, Florida, in this impressive volume. Though the two corresponded for only seven years, Lovecrafts side of the exchange totals nearly 500 pages. The editors have annotated the letters exhaustively, clarifying hundreds of references to people, places, literary works, and history. Their long introduction provides the reader with the essential story of the friendship between Lovecraft and Barlow, and their relationships with friends and colleagues in the worlds of amateur journalism, fandom, pulp fiction, and others.


What a book! As a young fan first acquiring works by Lovecraft in the 1960s I never dreamed that any such volume would or could be published. You can largely step into the shoes of Robert Hayward Barlow, if you wish, when you read this book. What a privilege! - Kenneth W. Faig Jr. (The Fossil, January 2008)


This edition, signed by the editors and slipcased, is limited to only 50 copies.


(The trade edition of O Fortunate Floridian is now out of print.)











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