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Leslie B. Jones


Leslie B. Jones

Meet Leslie B. Jones

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Education: 1989 Mercer University, B.A.
1992 Troy University, M.S.
2009 Baylor University, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: College Algebra
Business Calculus
Calculus I, II and III
Differential Equations
Actuarial Mathematics
Mathematical Programming

Career Specialties: Leslie Jones has conducted research in both pure and applied mathematics. Jones’ pure mathematical interests are in the areas of topology and dynamical systems. Jones’ current research focuses on the application of mathematical models to problems in biology and on the development of integrated STEM curriculum.

Professional and Community Activities: Publications:

Huber, D.R., Jones, L.B. and Waggett, R.J. (to appear). Geometric Analysis of Shark Teeth, Dimensions in Mathematics.

Huber, D.R., Jones, L.B. and Waggett, R.J. (2014). Geometric Analysis of Stingray Feeding Behavior, Mathematics in School, 43(1), 14-15.

Johnston, P., Beaudoin, C., Jones, L. and Waggett, R. (to appear). Participation does not equal Engagement: Quick and Easy Assessment of K-Adult Student Engagement for Beginning Teachers, Kappa Delta Pi Record.

Jones, L., Huber, D. and Waggett, R. (2014). Otter versus Pufferfish: The Functional Importance of Geometry in Nature, Dimensions in Mathematics, 34(1), 21 – 24.

Jones, L.B., Secomb, T., Dewhirst, M. and El-Kareh, A. (2014). The Additive Damage Model: A Mathematical Model for Cellular Responses to Drug Combinations, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 357, 10-20. doi: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2014.04.032.

Beaudoin, C., Johnston, P., Jones, L. and Waggett, R. (2013). University Support of Secondary STEM Teachers through Professional Development, Education, 133(1), 88 – 97.

Barge, M., Bruin, H., Jones, L. and Sadun, L. (2012). Homological Pisot Substitutions and Exact Regularity, Israel Journal of Mathematics, 188, 281-300, DOI: 10.1007/s11856-011-0123-4.

Jones, L. (2009). Adding Machines and Endpoints, Topology and Its Applications, 156(17), 2899-2905.

Jones, L. (2009). Kneading Sequences of Strange Adding Machines, Topology and Its Applications, 156(17), 2735-2746.


Co-PI, Science Math Masters, 2011-2014
Teacher training grant in biology and geometry awarded by the Florida Department of Education

Honors and Awards: Jones received three awards for excellence in teaching: one from North Carolina State University and two from Baylor University.