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Jay Jisha


Jay Jisha

Meet Jay Jisha

Chair/Associate Professor, Sport Management

Education: 1990 Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A.
1993 St. Thomas University, M.S.
2001 Florida State University, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Introduction to Sport Management
Sports Marketing and Fund Raising
Legal Issues and Risk Management in Sports
Coaching and Teaching Soccer and Field Hockey
Administration and Financial Management of Athletics

Career Specialties: Jay Jisha specializes in sport management and teaches sport marketing, legal issues in sport, sport finance and introduction to sport management. He supervises interns in sport management.

Professional and Community Activities: Jisha's research interests include sport marketing and professional preparation and development for sport management undergraduate students. He has provided more than a dozen professional presentations and has been published in The International Sports Journal and Strategies . He also serves as a faculty advisor to the sport management and exercise science majors club. Jisha’s professional affiliations include the North American Society for Sport Management, The Sport Marketing Association and FAHPERD.