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In Their Words and Photos: Move In 2012

Published: August 21, 2012
Over the course of a weekend, the sleepy summer campus at UT went from empty brick roads and lazy palms blowing in the sea breeze to an organized chaos of moving boxes, out-of-state plates and family jitters. Starting Sunday, Aug. 19, about 600 students moved their belongings into their new home at the Howard Johnson Plaza, followed on Aug. 20 by more than 1,700 students who claimed their space on campus in one of the 10 residence halls.

Throughout this process and in the days leading up to the big move, students were talking about their experiences on social media. From a posted photo on Instagram with the trunk all loaded with suitcases to tweets from family and friends with their best wishes for this next chapter in these students’ lives.

Read and see it in their own words