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Eduardo O. De Souza

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Eduardo O. De Souza

Meet Eduardo O. De Souza

Assistant Professor, Health Sciences and Human Performance

Education: 2001 University of Franca, B.S.
2010 University of São Paulo, M.S.
2014 University of São Paulo, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Exercise Testing and Prescription Nutrition
Current Perspectives in Exercise Science
Exercise and Nutrition Science Laboratory Techniques

Career Specialties: Eduardo De Souza’s research has covered molecular, morphological and functional changes in response to several training regimens (e.g. strength, concurrent strength and endurance, HIIT) and nutritional interventions.

Professional and Community Activities: De SOUZA, E. O. ; UGRINOWITSCH, C. ; TRICOLI, V. ; ROSCHEL, H. ; LOWERY, RYAN P ; Aihara, AH ; LEAO, A. R. S. ; WILSON, JACOB M. . Early Adaptations to Six Weeks of Non-Periodized and Periodized Strength Training Regimnes in Recreational Males. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, v. 13, p. 604-609, 2014.

De Souza, E.O. ; TRICOLI, V. ; AOKI, M.S. ; ROSCHEL, H. ; BRUM, P.C. ; BACURAU, A.V.N. ; SILVA-BATISTA, C. ; WILSON, J.M. ; NEVES, M. ; SOARES, A.G. ; UGRINOWITSCH, C. . Effects of concurrent strength and endurance training on genes related to myostatin signaling pathway and muscle fiber responses. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, v. 28, p. 1-3223, 2014.

De SOUZA, E. O. ; TRICOLI, V. ; BUENO JUNIOR, C. ; PEREIRA, M. ; Brum, PC ; OLIVEIRA, E. M. ; ROSCHEL, H. ; Aoki, MS ; UGRINOWITSCH, C. . The acute effects of strength, endurance and concurrent exercises on the Akt/mTOR/p70S6K1 and AMPK signaling pathway responses in rat skeletal muscle. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research on line, v. 46, p. 343-347, 2013.

DE SOUZA, E. ; TRICOLI, V. ; ROSCHEL, H. ; BRUM, P. ; BACURAU, A.V. ; FERREIRA, J.C. ; AOKI, M. ; NEVES-JR, M. ; AIHARA, A. ; DA ROCHA CORREA FERNANDES, A. ; UGRINOWITSCH, C. . Molecular Adaptations to Concurrent Training. International Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 34, p. 207-213, 2013.

De SOUZA, E. O. ; TRICOLI, V. ; PAULO, A. C. ; Batista, C ; CARDOSO, R. K. ; Brum, PC ; BACURAU, A. V. N. ; LAURENTINO, G. ; Neves, M ; Aihara, AH ; Ugrinowistch . Multivariate analysis in the maximum strength performance. International Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 33, p. 970-974, 2012.

De SOUZA, E. O. ; ROSA, L. F. C. ; PIRES, F. O. ; WILSON, J. ; FRANCHINI, E. ; TRICOLI, V. ; Ugrinowistch . The Acute Effects of Varying Strength Exercises Bouts on 5KM Running. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, v. 10, p. 565-570, 2011.

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