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David Sanz-Orozco

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David Sanz-Orozco

Meet David Sanz-Orozco

Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics

Education: 2011 Tecnológico de Monterrey, B.S.
2017 University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D.

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Career Specialties: David Sanz-Orozco specializes in the study of the collective behavior exhibited by plasmas, using both theoretical and computational tools. These studies are not only of interest from the point of view of basic nonlinear physics, but they are also relevant to research in controlled nuclear fusion.

Professional and Community Activities: An important topic in plasma physics is the study of the instabilities that result from interactions between waves and particles. Sanz-Orozco has studied this type of phenomenon at the threshold where the interaction just barely causes an instability. In the past, this near-threshold domain has allowed us to understand a rich variety of plasma behavior that has been observed in fusion plasma experiments.

Sanz-Orozco has focused his research on the study of the more strongly-nonlinear outcomes that are predicted. Consequences of these dramatic outcomes include large changes in the wave’s amplitude and frequency, together with formations of coherently-moving plasma structures. Hints of this type of behavior have been observed in experiments, and a careful quantitative comparison with the theory is an exciting possibility for the future. Moreover, the equations that model these phenomena also appear in different contexts of fluid mechanics. He is interested in studying the connections between the plasmas and the fluids problems.

Honors and Awards: 2016 Invited Speaker: Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics (San Jose, California)
2012 Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Natural Sciences Council, University of Texas at Austin