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FPHA President's Message for the Florida Public Health Review
Judy E. Perkin,
pp 3
Posted March 15, 2005


The Florida Public Health Review Celebrates A Birthday – Now What?
Robert J. McDermott
pp 1-2
Posted March 15, 2005


Addressing the Marion County Health Department's Need for A Comprehensive Resource Detailing Florida Medicare's Medical Necessity Policies
Ines G. Alamo, Diane M. Harrell
pp 30-34
Posted April 4, 2005

Jumping through Summer: Challenges of Starting a Jump Rope Program
Joyce E. (Jen) Nickelson,  Sue Whetzel,  Paul Williams
pp 60-62
Posted June 7, 2005 

The Public Health Leadership Institute of Florida: Training Leaders and Linking Academic Public Health with the Practice Community
W. Michael Reid, Danielle C. Landis
pp 121-125
Posted Oct. 28, 2005


A Summary of Florida's Law of Quarantine of Persons and Public Health Law Reform Issues
Ann L. Abbott
pp 10-16
Posted March 18, 2005


Kids on the Move: The Effects of a Short-Term Physical Activity Program in a Group of Rural Elementary School Students
Kim Curry, Elmire D. Cantey, Carol Rykard
pp 4-9
Posted March 18, 2005

School Health Promotion Activities in Miami-Dade County, Florida
WayWay M. Hlaing, Kristy A. Siegel
pp 23-29
Posted March 18, 2005

A Comparison of Seasonal Resident and Year-Round Resident Hospitalizations in Florida
Tiffany A. Radcliff,  Aram Dobalian, R. Paul Duncan
pp 63-72
Posted June 7, 2005 

HIV Seroprevalence and Risk Exposure Categories among Clients Attending Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics, Miami-Dade County, Florida, 1990-1999
Marlene LaLota, Luis Miguel Garcia, Eduardo Valverde, Melinda Waters, Rodolfo Boucugnani, Thomas Liberti
pp 73-81
Posted July 1, 2005

Economic Incentives to Florida Cities: Conflict of Interest and Needed Strategies in Reducing Florida's High Crash and Fatality Rates
Barbara Langland-Orban, Seena Salyani, Etienne E. Pracht
pp 82-91
Posted July 11, 2005

Problem Behaviors vs. the Situational Adversity Approach: HIV Risk Behaviors of Homeless Youth in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Melanie J. Simmons, Marlene LaLota
pp 96-107
Posted Aug. 23, 2005

Prescription Drug Recalls on Florida's Medicaid Preferred Drug List
Josephine M. Kershaw, A. Mark Freeman, Charisma Y. Atkins, Marisa A. Lewis
pp 108-114
Posted Oct. 12, 2005

Public Health Practitioner Expert Opinion for Recommending Revisions to a Community Nutrition MPH Curriculum
Judy E. Perkin, Catherine Christie, Desiree Hayes
pp 126-130
Posted Dec. 19, 2005


Pioneer in Florida Public Health Nursing: The Work of Joyce Ely, RN
Kim Curry
pp 17-22
Posted March 18, 2005

Our Public Health History in Florida: Interview with Peter J. Levin
Robert J. McDermott
pp 35-38
Posted April 29, 2005 

Our Public Health History in Florida: Interview with Charles S. Mahan
Robert J. McDermott
pp 39-43
Posted May 2, 2005

Our Public Health History in Florida: Interview with Laurence G. Branch
Robert J. McDermott
pp 44-45
Posted May 11, 2005

Our Public Health History in Florida: Interview with Donna J. Petersen
Robert J. McDermott
pp 46-49
Posted June 3, 2005

Our Public Health History in Florida: Interviews with the Department Chairs
Robert J. McDermott
pp 50-59
Posted June 6, 2005

University of South Florida College of Public Health: Reflections on Doctoral Education 1987 - 2005
Karen M. (Kay) Perrin, Robert J. McDermott
pp 92-95
Posted July 11, 2005

"A Black Spot": Florida's Crusade against Venereal Disease, Prostitution, and Female Sexuality During World War II
Troy Thompson 
pp 115-120
Posted Oct 17, 2005

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