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Bird Flu Update
Marc J. Yacht
pp 51
Posted Dec. 31, 2006


Social Support Indicators that Influence Breastfeeding Decisions in Mothers of North Florida
Chelsea C. Reeves, Fran T. Close, Mary Copeland Simmons, Adrienne L. Hollis  
pp 1-7
Posted Dec. 19, 2006

The Influence of Age on Knowledge and Medication Usage By Persons Attending Rural North Florida Clinics
Amy L. Pasanen, Eric Edwards, Laura G. Annis, Laura K. Guyer, Almut G. Winterstein  
pp 8-15
Posted Dec. 19, 2006

Be HeadSmart® Seniors! -- The Effectiveness of a Psychoeducational Fall and Consequential Injury Prevention Program
Christina J. Dillahunt 
pp 16-25
Posted Dec. 30, 2006

Effects of Family Factors on the Development of Alcohol-related Problems Among Males from Pre-adolescence to Adulthood
E. Gail Horton
pp 26-34
Posted Dec. 31, 2006

Assessment of Client Satisfaction in Six Urban WIC Clinics
Catherine Christie, Julia A. Watkins, Anita (Toni) Martin, Helen Jackson, Judy E. Perkin, Jacquie Fraser
pp 35-42
Posted Dec. 31, 2006  

Smallpox Vaccination Outcomes and Adverse Event Surveillance of 18 Counties in North Central Florida
Jerne Shapiro, Matthew R. Laidler, Tom Belcuore
pp 43-50
Posted Dec. 31, 2006

Conducting Surveys among Immigrants: Methodology and Implementation of a Health Needs Assessment in the Haitian Community of Miami, Florida
Gilbert Saint-Jean, Lee A. Crandall
pp 52-56
Posted Dec. 31, 2006

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