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Leadership, Leadership Paradigms, and Leadership Training in 2010 and Beyond
Robert J. McDermott
pp 1-3
Posted March 28, 2010

Application of a Leadership Approach to Address Suicide among Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth
Katherine Davis
pp 4-8
Posted March 28, 2010

School Food Services and Childhood Obesity: Is there a link?
Christine M. Spiker
pp 9-12
Posted March 28, 2010

HIV Prevention and Education: Leadership and Implications for African-American Churches
Khaliah F. Fleming
pp 13-16
Posted March 28, 2010

Health Care Reform's Proposed End-of-Life Provisions
Brandy C. Hill, Nick Lebredo, Christopher R. Shafer
pp 50-63
Posted April 9, 2010


Trends and Correlates of Breast Cancer Screening among Florida Women: Analysis of 2001 and 2008 BRFSS Data
Alicestine Ashford, Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, Ivette A. López,
pp 17-25
Posted April 1, 2010

Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection among International College Students
Bhavna Bhardwaj, Eknath Naik, Beata Casanas, Michael D. Breglia, Michael Lauzardo
pp 26-31
Posted April 1, 2010

Stigma and Therapy Completion for Latent Tuberculosis among Haitian-origin Patients
Jeannine Coreil, Michael Lauzardo, Heather Clayton
pp 32-38
Posted April 8, 2010

Factors Associated with Institutionalization for Treatment of Active Tuberculosis: A Synopsis from In-depth Patient Interviews
Robert J. McDermott, Carol A. Bryant, Jeannine Coreil, Aimee R. Eden, Lori K. Buhi
pp 39-49
Posted April 9, 2010

Students' Willingness to Purchase Vegan Menu Items in the National School Lunch Program
Jill Eckart, Kathryn A. Strong, Darlene K. Moppert, Neal D. Barnard
pp 64-69
Posted June 14, 2010

Chronic Pain and Pain Management among Older Veterans
Juyoung Park
pp 70-82
Posted August 16, 2010

Racial, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic Disparities in Exposure to Fast Food in Hillsborough County, Florida
Dana Oppenheim Stein, Jayajit Chakraborty
pp 83-92
Posted November 30, 2010

Reducing Disparities by Improving Access to and Use of Preventive Care
Arlesia Brock Mathis
pp 93-100
Posted November 30, 2010

Translating Hemoglobin A1c Scores across an Ethnically Diverse Population: Is the Language Consistent across All Races?
Corliss M. Allen, Eartha S. Butler, Joseph Negusei, Celeste Hart, Ivette A. López, Cynthia M. Harris, Penny Ralston
pp 101-105
Posted December 13, 2010

Evaluation of Be Wise about Your Portion Size: A Nutrition Education Program for Floridians
Andrea C. Goosen, Laura K. Guyer, Linda B. Bobroff
pp 106-110
Posted December 13, 2010

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