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UT Property Purchase to Address Campus Needs

Published: June 08, 2009
Last week, The University of Tampa administration announced that it, and another company, completed the purchase of an important city block in Tampa adjacent to the University’s campus.

The block, which is directly behind UT’s ResCom residence hall and Thomas Parking Garage, is bordered by Kennedy Blvd. on the south, Brevard Ave. on the east, North A St. on the north and North Boulevard on the west.

UT President Ron Vaughn said the property, previously owned by Tampa’s Agliano family, will ultimately be used to address University academic and other space needs both in the near term and future.

“Agliano family members have been good neighbors and friends for many years, and we are happy to reach an agreement with them on the sale,” Vaughn said.

The University acquired approximately 57,760 square feet of the eastern portion of the tract, which includes a one-story office building. The other company acquired the remaining approximately 72,240 square feet, which includes two structures – a two-story office building and the former Valencia Garden restaurant.

Over time, title to the tract purchased by the other company is expected to revert to The University of Tampa. Although plans for the tract are not yet in place, UT administration said development would be consistent with UT’s design and use standards that have already taken place on campus and along the Kennedy Blvd. corridor.

UT’s buildings are strongly influenced by its centerpiece building, Plant Hall (the former Tampa Bay Hotel), which UT has carefully and thoughtfully helped to restore and maintain.

Vaughn said he was pleased this tract of land would be used for educational purposes, ultimately benefiting future students, as well as the City of Tampa and the state of Florida.

“Development of this tract will continue the transformation of UT’s campus and further enrich the educational environment and experience,” Vaughn said.

In the past decade, the University of Tampa has enjoyed unprecedented growth of its student population and its campus proper. In the past decade eight completely new buildings have been constructed on UT’s campus, and the student body has nearly doubled.