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Pianist and UT Student Fine Tunes Her Passion

Published: September 24, 2009

From a tiny pretend piano when she was two years old to a grand piano in UT’s music department, Myrsha Lazarre ’10 has refined her art as a pianist and composer.

Since her first timid brush of the keys, Lazarre said she fell in love. Her parents encouraged her passion. She gave her first public performance at 6 years old and was enrolled in Miami’s Conservatory of Fine Arts at 7. By 16, she had graduated from high school.

“I choose UT because I admired the atmosphere. It was calming, relaxed and the ambience was overall remarkable,” said Lazarre, a double music and psychology major. “I also admired the tight-knit program, and I love assistant professor Grigorios Zamparas. He’s quite a brilliant professor. He’s talented and gifted yet displays humility, and that is one of the key factors I looked at in choosing a music program.”

To hear Lazarre perform the entirety of her original composition, “The Kite,” click here.