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UT Makes Hot and Trendy List

Published: March 04, 2004
The University of Tampa is “hot and trendy,” according to the 2004 edition of The Unofficial, Biased Guide to the 328 Most Interesting Colleges (Kaplan Publishing/Simon & Schuster, 2003). The book, by Trent Anderson and Seppy Basili, features numerous lists that rate schools according to various criteria. The “hot and trendy” list, the authors write, is based on responses from high school guidance counselors across the nation.

“What makes a school red-hot?” the authors ask. “Whether it’s the academics,” they answer, “the location, the social scene, or the perfect combination of everything, these schools all have that certain ‘it’ factor, making them the most popular among high school students this year, according to guidance counselors.”

UT finds itself in highbrow company on the list, which names the 40 most recommended schools.  Other than UT, the list includes the weighty likes of Yale, Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Boston College, UCLA, Georgetown, Columbia, and Boston University.  

Florida State and the University of Florida are the only other Florida institutions on the list. Listed 37th on the list, UT is the only central Florida school mentioned.

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