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UT and Blockbuster Partner for Easy, Efficient Entertainment

Published: February 09, 2010
Students, faculty and staff at The University of Tampa can now rent movies on campus for a dollar a night. The UT Student Government Association has partnered with Blockbuster Express to place a DVD kiosk in the Vaughn Center on campus.

According to Chris McCarthy, Student Government vice president, UT is the third Florida university to have Blockbuster Express on campus.

“We’re always looking at new initiatives to enhance student life on campus,” McCarthy said. “And this one’s a no-brainer. This provides convenient, affordable entertainment for the entire UT community.”

McCarthy said 10 percent of the rental revenue from the kiosk will go toward scholarships for the President's Leadership Fellows.

Blockbuster Express is promoting the service with discount codes. The kiosks let you rent a DVD for $1 a night with a credit card, but without having to sign up for a membership. Each kiosk can hold nearly 1,000 movies with as many as 25 copies of a new release. Blu-Ray Discs cost $2 to rent.

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