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Conceptual Art Spreads Message, Helps Charity

Published: December 13, 2010
 When Elizabeth Lee ’13 found out that Americans waste 176 gallons of water a day, she had trouble visualizing the amount.

So when her professor assigned a conceptual art piece, Lee decided to get a true grasp of the 176 gallons swirling down the drain daily.

“I just thought it was an outrageous number,” said Lee, a fine arts major who arranged the gallon jugs into the shape of an American flag on the lawn of Plant Park. “It’s so excessive and unnecessary.”

The water was donated by Just In Queso Foundation , run by Tijuana Flats, a restaurant where Lee works. Once Lee completed her assignment, she donated the water to Tampa charity Metropolitan Ministries .

Kendra Frorup, assistant art professor, teaches Lee’s beginning sculpture class. She explained that, in conceptual art, the idea behind the artwork is often as important or more important than the visual. Lee’s project also completed her requirement for an installation art piece that involves the space or environment becoming part of the artwork.

“I’m impressed that as a student, she has done the research and this was something she was concerned about and aware of,” Frorup said.

Jamie Pilarczyk, Web Writer
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