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UT Photographers Travel Globe with Contest

Published: December 11, 2009


If the 2010 calendar produced by UT’s Office of International Programs were a passport, it’d be full of stamps from far-away places.

The pages would bear the entry marks from New Zealand, Luxembourg, the Dominican Republic and China. There would be a story behind each of those stamps, photos that provide glimpses into the life of a Mexican matador, a mother and her child walking to church in Liberia and camels pushing their way through sand dune after sand dune in the United Arab Emirates.

“I am always captivated by the wide array of different locations to which our students have trekked,” said Brooke Pawlak, coordinator and advisor of International Programs. “In addition to the international travel theme, it’s wonderful to see the different perspectives the applicants illustrate through their photographs – from portraits of local citizens to the more abstract photographs of architecture and nature.”

Pawlak said 170 entries were submitted for the contest, including 12 from faculty and staff, a number that has tripled since the launch of the calendar in 2008. Fifteen were chosen for the calendar and one for the office’s World View Magazine, which is used to tell the written and visual stories of students, staff and faculty’s international travel and academic research.

While the purpose of this contest is to generate student interest in the University’s multiple education abroad programs, Pawlak said the great participation in the contest is showing “the growing global mind-set on campus.”

The two judges, Dr. Tim Kennedy, photographer and UT professor of communication, and Keith Bellows, editor-in-chief of National Geographic’s Traveler magazine, both commented on the diversity they saw in the photos submitted.

“Artistically, Keith Bellows was able to find his top picks within minutes, as he felt certain photographs attracted his attention,” Pawlak said.

The calendar is free to the UT community and will be made available soon.

“It is the Office of International Programs’ way to keep our campus thinking globally each month of the year,” Pawlak said.

Calendar winners include:

  • First Place: Christine Goodwin (Web designer for the Office of Public Information and Publications), A Mother and Child Walk to Church Sunday Morning, Liberia
  • Second Place: Bethany Kreider '10, A Flock of Sheep in the Southern Alps, New Zealand
  • Third Place: Whitney Hansen '10, Old City New, Luxembourg
  • Randy Tarnowski, Boys at Recess, Dominican Republic
  • Molly McGill, El Matador, Mexico
  • Michael Weeks (assistant professor of management), Colossus of Constantine, Italy
  • Jon Albrecht (director of Information Systems and Web), Rice Terraces and Village, Philippines
  • Charlotte Stinson, Lost Souls of the Catacombs, France
  • Susan Johnson, Borderless Bustle, Border of Haiti and Dominican Republic
  • Tessa Wimberley, The Golden Pavilion, Japan
  • Olivia Harsham, The Great Wall of China, China
  • Kasia Lorenz-Kruk, Pastries of Paris, France
  • Lauren Jekowsky, African Trail, South Africa
  • Jean-Paul Behrens, Morning Camels, United Arab Emirates
  • Yasmin Serajfar, Blue Eyes, Turkey

World View Magazine Cover Winner

  • Jamie Pilarczyk (Web writer for the Office of Public Information and Publications), Abdelaziz Takes a Break, Morocco

Jamie Pilarczyk, Web Writer
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