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UT’s Biochemistry Program Receives National Accreditation

Published: January 08, 2014

The University of Tampa’s Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry has recently been accredited by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).

“This is quite a feather in our hats as only six programs in the U.S. were accredited this year,” said Jim Gore, dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences.

Mike Carastro, associate professor of biochemistry, and Scott Witherow, assistant professor of biochemistry, spearheaded the accreditation, which specifically commended UT’s program on numerous factors, including that:

  • It has a strong chemistry emphasis;
  • Courses are offered frequently and there is apparent capacity for growth;
  •  Students spend significant contact hours in lab;
  •  The school and curriculum has identified writing intensive courses.
  •  The university has an ASBMB-Undergraduate Affiliate Network chapter.

The other universities with this accreditation include Virginia Tech, Villanova University, Northeastern University, Winthrop University and Texas State University.