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Alexey I. Yukhov

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Alexey I. Yukhov

Meet Alexey I. Yukhov

Visiting Instructor, Economics

Education: 2005 St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Russia, B.A.
2017 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Ph.Dc.

Courses Taught: Introduction to Economics
Principles of Micro and Macro
Intermediate Micro and Macro
International Economic Relations
International Trade

Career Specialties: Alexey Yukhov is interested in how the developments in the energy industry influence the economic relations among countries.

Professional and Community Activities: Yukhov is currently submitting two papers for publication. One of them evaluates the effect of resource discoveries on a country’s current account using the example of the North Sea oil discovery in the 1970s by Norway and the United Kingdom. The other paper finds the effect of carbon tax on construction of new electricity generators using the United States data for the last 25 years.

One of his ongoing projects is to compare the general economy effects of traditional oil to those of shale oil. In another work, Yukhov is seeking to establish the effect of standardization agreements in the energy sector on plant locational choices.